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  1. Valid points as yes would benefit the ones more mobile. If something they would pursue do not replace what were doing just make a new division/class what have you within SASS and make minimum clothes requirements and let the mobile or ones who want enter in that division. Yes would require more work at a match and yes most clubs are maxed out as it is for help, but in the spirit of throwing out some ideas I think may make younger folks go hmmm. Who knows what the answer is if only the wire was a magic wand..
  2. Seen this before where is it now??? He'll current SASS rules no where. Want to attrack younger this is a good start! Shoot, Move and Communicate. Make cowboy more than shuffleing right and left.
  3. This is true, started a channel several years ago and went nowhere, very few followed, very few cared and more so majority of folks in Cowboy shooting do not watch YouTube and correct marketing is key. it is hard to get a cowboy channel to look like Ranger up, GruntStyle, Back Rifle Coffee, folks that attract the younger generation, they are just no looking for what we offer. Now get a tricked out Marlin with a rail system and toys and might do the trick....who knows (Its a joke people lighten up). my 1 cent is this, been reading these threads of fix, change, need new shooters, etc, etc, etc that comes up about two to three times a year. My question when does the rubber meet the road and wire debates, and arguments and would of could've end, Just seems like a lot of wheels spinning. Oh and lets make it a full 2 cents younger (30-40) are taking up sports like three gun, practical shooting, defense shooting, to prep for the coming Boogaloo, so bad time to try and recruit … just sayin.
  4. Dude I missed reading your replies, glad to see you getting after it again
  5. Alias: Bootstrap Phil & Maisie Grace SASS#'s 104304 & 104310 South Weber, UT (UTAH WAR) We have been shooting for 2 years.
  6. Shep in the houseeeeeeeeeeee......

  7. Never give the devil a ride. He will always want the reins.

  8. SASS Community, reaching out for donations. Myself and Maisie Grace are putting together a small tree for next year’s Festival of Trees here in Utah. (https://intermountainhealthcare.org/giving-volunteering/intermountain-foundation/events/festival-of-trees/get-involved/ )This is a great cause and a great fund raiser, we have been there last three years and even though there are cowboy themed trees we have not seen a shooter/SASS tree. So we are putting together a tree to represent the SASS community here in Utah and around the nation, we are looking for club badges to make ornaments out of, any misc. shooter pins, anything you would like to donate to help produce the best looking tree we can that is Cowboy Action Shooting related. Registration is in June and we will register then, worse case scenario if it fills up or we do not get in we will maintain for next time, however the POC said this past year that she filled with the whole waiting list. So please help us represent our clubs and raise money for a great cause!! https://intermountainhealthcare.org/giving-volunteering/intermountain-foundation/events/festival-of-trees/ If interested email pludos001@hotmail.com or Joanneludos@yahoo.com (list in subject as "festival of trees") I thank you all for your time and consideration in donating SASS related items for this fund raiser and opportunity to get the word out on the SASS community. Thank you! Bootstrap & Maisie Grace
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