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  1. It was a gold star item on Page 50 of RO I book, so I just highlighted to provide emphasis since test question indicated by star. Just a cut and paste job on my part. Bootstrap
  2. Thank you. I figured that the HQ sent those to you when you scheduled a class and informed them of such? Do the instructors have to make it up based of the gold stars in the book? Not a SASS instructor so not real clear on the admin portion of orchestrating the class; do they send you RO1 pins when complete or before? Instructor in Army, NRA, and had my own tactical business so like to instruct and design classes and after reading the RO 1 book several times decided to pass the time on a rainy Friday. But as said the SASS side of not sure how they do business minus that a black pin has to give RO I & II class. R/Bootstrap
  3. Let me try a reload here, also when I get home tonight will look at dropping it on a drop box and share the link. I tried google docs but it distorts the slides and jumbles them all up. Its a little large to email, but I could break it up into two and do it one at a time, can send me a note at bootstrapphil@yahoo.com and can work on breaking it into two this weekend and get it off to folks. R/Bootstrap RO_1_Course.pptx
  4. Good day all, Have seen a lot of discussion on classes, RO I, RO II not opening up any new can of worms or such; just wanted to stop by and share a PPT slide show I put together for our club to use. I am sure there will be critique, comments, good idea fairy's but my only intent here was to share so someone could be saved the trouble of the tedious task of putting together a slide show. Feel free to morph and change as you see fit, all information is taken directly from the RO I book and no opinions, techniques, procedures are shared only thing I did is omit real basic stuff like what makes a pew. Oh one last thing, I have a lot of animation and transitions and designed it so the instructor can click through. So if nothing is happening when you open it up in slide presentation mode just giver a click. Also I have a You Tube Channel I use to get fun videos out to help folks stay up on rules-called Tasty Tidbits. R/Bootstrap RO_1_Course.pptx
  5. Good Day all, Interesting topic, been thoroughly going through the RO1 course recently and have transferred/redone on PPT. I agree that recommended time is way to long for a RO1 course and the contents of it could be streamlined; Even omitting things have 93 slides (but do believe still can get way under the recommended 4-5 hrs). For example items such as difference of Rim fire and center fire? I would bet on black 99% of folks exploring this sport are relativity versed in shooting sports all ready, Breaking out what makes a round go pew, how it exits the weapon. My point is this is not a NRA Basic Pistol class and the RO1 book has even reminded us Page 7 RO1 handbook "This course is not intended to be an introductory course to Cowboy Action Shooting" so couldn't we cut out some of the very new shooter info? The goal of the RO1 book as stated " Purpose of SASS RO Training-Consistency A standardized set of rules for all to follow eliminates grey areas......" So should we be just that focusing on the rules and not basic introductory shooter info? NRA has changed to online, but understand this is challenging for SASS due to funds, but would solve a lot. I agree with a lot of the prior statements RO1 could use a revamp, and updating just in format alone, now with that so I am not the guy saying how about this, how about that, and general good idea fairy, or should do this. So as stated earlier have transferred the course to a more up to date slide show. I have taken directly from RO1 book I have attached and anyone feel free to morph, use, it is highly animated and has a lot of transition so when you open it up and present slide show if nothing is happening give a click and will move on. I am sure there will be plenty of critique on it but my intent is to just share and help folks out from the tedious task of making a Slide show. Oh yah and another valid point form numerous folks, my area we just do not have the classes available readily and taught. Again hope this can help someone/club. Also I have a channel I do short videos on rules; called Tasty Tidbits to help shooters stay versed in a fun way. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4h9YBEUZe_7dKZY45Nx7hw R/Bootstrap RO_1_Course.pptx
  6. Best deal you'll find on a rifle scabbard and matching Brass bag is Maisie Grace Creations. https://www.facebook.com/MaisieGraceCreations/ Maisie Grace Creations Attached are just some, takes custom orders. Anyone from Nevada, Southern Utah, Idaho can back up her qulity and work, best part is price!!! average set goes for $40.00-$50.00 She all ready is building orders for the 2019 shooting season so give her a shout out! Bootstrap
  7. B-Western has all ready lost its Bling (my opinion) and in my short travels have seen folks border line on B-Western as it is and pushing the envelope and not embracing the "All costumes are expected to be Fancy and Flashy". Have even meet low SASS number folks who have bailed from B-western cause of it (the lack of being B-western). With all that said steam punk if allowed believe it should be its own category, not sure about the whole gunfighter thing, but mixing the two categories nahhhhh...B-western has enough debate and on going as the "Cylinder Turns" dramas playing out, but again just one's opinion...(like there's none of those around here in abundant ).
  8. Ghost Town of the West "Big Salty" May 30th - June 1st, 2019 Multi-Club Annual. Hosting Clubs: Utah War / Utah Territory Gunslingers / Cowboys of Utah / Wasatch Summit Regulators / Big Salty Sidewinders Clubs of Big Salty are hosting the Annual Ghost Town of the West Shoot and our theme this year is the "Spirit of the West" featuring Louie L 'Amour. Can register at UTAH WAR Check out our trailer
  9. Alias: Bootstrap Phil & Maisie Grace SASS#'s 104304 & 104310 South Weber, UT (UTAH WAR) We have been shooting for 2 years.
  10. Shep in the houseeeeeeeeeeee......

  11. Never give the devil a ride. He will always want the reins.

  12. SASS Community, reaching out for donations. Myself and Maisie Grace are putting together a small tree for next year’s Festival of Trees here in Utah. (https://intermountainhealthcare.org/giving-volunteering/intermountain-foundation/events/festival-of-trees/get-involved/ )This is a great cause and a great fund raiser, we have been there last three years and even though there are cowboy themed trees we have not seen a shooter/SASS tree. So we are putting together a tree to represent the SASS community here in Utah and around the nation, we are looking for club badges to make ornaments out of, any misc. shooter pins, anything you would like to donate to help produce the best looking tree we can that is Cowboy Action Shooting related. Registration is in June and we will register then, worse case scenario if it fills up or we do not get in we will maintain for next time, however the POC said this past year that she filled with the whole waiting list. So please help us represent our clubs and raise money for a great cause!! https://intermountainhealthcare.org/giving-volunteering/intermountain-foundation/events/festival-of-trees/ If interested email pludos001@hotmail.com or Joanneludos@yahoo.com (list in subject as "festival of trees") I thank you all for your time and consideration in donating SASS related items for this fund raiser and opportunity to get the word out on the SASS community. Thank you! Bootstrap & Maisie Grace
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