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  1. https://www.utahwar.com/utah-state-2020
  2. Evening all, Looking to get an idea of what clubs out there charge for a monthly shoot, and any info on the cost of the insurance you carry for your range. Doing a little comparisons and research; so any input is valued, thank you in advance.
  3. Where does this Urban Legend come from about if you do not engage 10th target it is a Procedural? I see this a lot throughout the CAS world.
  4. Stay away from as the "cylinder turns".......
  5. This was my solution, they make them on top or bottom Bi-focals. I use the top to pick up front sight easier. https://sspeyewear.com/products/top-focal-assorted-interchangeable-kits
  6. Ref M4 bottom right, Have done this in the military all during my 25 years and upon reentry into FOB used a clearing barrel and pulling the trigger. Really not that stupid.
  7. The Look you give knowing the thread is about to get good.....
  8. BLUF; as said earlier done deal and there was YES - 208 (75.3%) votes from TG's who poll their clubs and represent them in what folks want. So would say that proof is in the numbers that majority wanted a change.
  9. As posted last night from Pale Wolf, this should be fun. Proposed rule change: Eliminate the automatic Stage DQ penalty for leaving the loading table with a cocked rifle. In such instances, the shooter will be directed to point the rifle safely into the back berm, bring the hammer to full cock if it is in the half-cock/safety position, then pull the trigger. If no round is fired, the shooter will be directed to finish staging firearms in order to start the stage (No Call). If a round fires when the shooter pulls the trigger, the shooter will be assessed a Stage DQ and directed to proceed to the unloading table. PASSED by vote of the Territorial Governors. YES - 208 (75.3%) NO -- 68 (24.6%) Effective January 2020
  10. In 5 pages of dialogue there has been much more offered than what you have perceived here. Regardless though This is a drill in "If I won the lottery I would buy....."That is fun to talk about but a pipe dream in the end.
  11. I agree about the consolidating but I bet we could find a willing volunteer with the qualifications in our community to do it (and save some money). There is so much hidden talent as so many of us just do not know what they did/do in life past Cowboy. In some of the folks I have gotten to know have found engineers, entrepreneurs (that should be on Shark Tank), authors, judges so if we put the call out bet we could find someone willing.
  12. Love this idea, sorta do this now with a lot of Downrange movement but adhere to SASS rules, liking the idea of a stage with 3 gun nation rules.....hmmmm thanks for the idea!
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