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  1. I say if they ain't looking just shoot- out of control with all this 19 crap. If you feel your high risk then by all means take your precaution's, sounds like a good comprise from Captain Bill Burt's club.
  2. Have numerous black guns, and always will! Still have my full kit and stay proficient with them all! I have LMTs, DPMs, Colts, and some Windham Weaponry now a days AR is a AR (all though prefer piston driven) and a matter of preference, do be careful as there are some knock of chinese crap out there. There easy to maintain and like a chevy parts and mods are everywhere! Would highly recommend getting one, and getting proficient with it as the Boogaloo, or hopefully the Zombies (my preference) are coming. Enjoy the new world of Tactical Timmies..
  3. Between me and my wife we have 2 pistol sets, shotgun, rifle and all fantastic!! Wish I would have just went to him when I started in 2016, would have saved a lot of time, money and FRUSTRATION. Oh along with not picking B-western....marlin...boooo, booooo (in 1873 now...loving ittttttt) Will go nowhere else but Long hunters have done me right for money spent! Thanks Long hunter!!
  4. From Big Salty and Utah War. Today’s world has COVID-19 and we are all trying to do our parts to slow the spread so we can get over the hump. The folks of Big Salty and the board, pray for a quick resolution and healing come to our world, our thoughts are with our fellow cowgirls and cowboys. We regret and sadden that we need to announce the rescheduling of SASS UTAH STATE 2020. As events and circumstances change we are tentatively looking at September 16-19, 2020; we understand that this date may not work for everybody but after looking at the calendar and giving time for the social distancing to run its course felt this was our best option. Now as said times and circumstances may change this but for now we are shooting (see what I did there…) for this date. But as SASS stated when cancelling EOT “While there is much the world still doesn’t know about the lifespan of COVID19, the fact remains that it could be months before we return to a level of normalcy”. We agree so we are hoping that things are under control by September. If you have already registered for SASS UTAH STATE 2020, you have 2 choices: 1) Request a full refund (email request to bootstrapphil@yahoo.com )( CC sackett@utahwar.com ) 2) Transfer your entry fee to the new September dates (email bootstrapphil@yahoo.com ) We look forward to seeing you September 16-19 for SASS UTAH STATE 2020 at Big Salty! R/Big Salty-executive board
  5. That shirt is legit now, thanks mongol!!
  6. That was the best call ever, and going to test it this year and see how it goes with the elite crowd....yup best call ever!
  7. Good day, Utah War Board has created a group on Facebook and a poll and are trying to get the voices of the shooters who attend Utah War. If you are a regular at Utah State, please go to group and take the poll, thank you https://www.facebook.com/groups/1090844974603985/
  8. Ah no worries actually tracking now, recall that in the SHB now the old rule must have been before my time. Thank you sir!
  9. I know lets put a caveat in the rules about shoes; If you have a profile and a profile slip can wear the shoe to better serve the injury...Just saying Captain Bill Burt, I must have missed the duelist rule could you shoot me the reference location, thank you sir.
  10. Interesting thread, Wire so much fun........is it? Anyhooo Just do not see the big deal on shoes, been to match after match that older folks who need to wear everything under the sun cause of medical conditions. Is it that big of a deal? Sure when they started 20 years ago sure they wore boots and all the period stuff. If we come for the shooting and stay for the people, what does foot wear matter? If these folks need to wear different shoes let'em. Again see a lot of hoopla over trivial things, and the earlier statement made in thread about 2 different factions in the sport man dead on. Been in this sport just over 4 years now and in that short time have been subject to the elitist been here since the sport started club snide comments, and opinions of how I am approaching the sport. Makes never mind to me as my life journey has given me thick skin and I am here to shoot and have fun with my wife. There are multiple reasons we can not attract new shooters and this is just one. Said once say it hundred times let the sport morph as needed; Bottom line is don't have folks that grew up with the westerns like fair amount did in this sport, and to attract them and keep them shouldn't we adjust fire? I shot B-western for close to the 4 years (changed as Marlin caused to much stress..lol) not once did a gunslinger/speedster/down dresser go "whats up with the over the top look" Dang lets just shoot have fun and put the as the cylinder turns away. Just my 1 1/2 cents. Stay safe out there ya'll.
  11. Like this description, agreed would be more of a shooting sport! Again have to nod in agreement with the planning, that hit target right there!
  12. Well chewed on whether or not to post/write/even bring up, cause lets face it-its the wire and been discussed before I am sure..... Anywhoo here we go. Well recently again I found myself reading a long drawn out post/thread on Facebook going on about; " In my day" "Minimal Costuming", "All about Speed now", all the same stuff I have heard folks go on, and on, and on about in my short 4 and some change years. Ok, so most places do not throw tomahawks, jump up on a saddled 55 gallon drum, etc. So folks are not dropping a small fortune on costuming and meeting the minimal standards as stated, but they meet the standards right? Speed, hmmm so folks spend countless hours of their own time in basements dry firing, spend more money and time on the range practicing then others, folks pushing themselves to be the best they can be at a discipline IMHO is more of a accomplishment than our kin of practical shooters/three gunners. To take single action weapon system and come up with that kind of speed we are seeing now days is quite the feat-hats off. so lets break it down: 1) "In my day"; in your day cost of living was cheaper. Today seen folks tent camp just so they can shoot; Today weapon systems are more expensive; Today supplies are more expensive; Today still working, family kids, life responsibilities; Today seasoned SASS folks telling "should be this way". I put to you this, are they here shooting? So what if all they have is wranglers hat and western shirt from Walmart? Hell I have seen silver seniors and up in same attire, isn't it enough they are here shooting and helping expand the sport (which is another topic folks go on about)? Maybe, just maybe it took a lot of their resources just to get guns and ammo to play and dress is a the bottom of the priority list? 2) "Speed", Well all ready inputted on this above but to elaborate a bit more. I personally believe that the speedsters have help validate our sport a bit more in the shooting community. I mean how many times have you heard a practical shooter crack on the sport or a three gunner? Again it is a feat to have times that challenge any Practical shooter. So the sport is becoming about speed and competition, is this a bad thing? Again our speedsters have put in the time and effort to get there! I hear not just on the wire but everywhere I travel the conversation of sports dying out, not getting new members, how do we attract the younger ones? Well lets start with not complaining about them being speedsters or not dressing to the nine, its about the people right? I believe to answer some of these topics of discussion is change, let the sport grow and morph into what it is becoming/become. Here is the beauty of the sport the historian, the costumer, the gent/gal that just wants to shoot, or the folks just want to hang out with friends, or more personally for me do a fun activity with my spouse that we enjoy together. it all can be found in the sport of Single Action Shooting, the change of stages over the years, the lack of added extras (tomahawks, knife throwing etc.), the lack of costuming does it really affect us? I mean truly can't everyone get what they want? I put to you if new folks hear this negativity, see the resistance to change and they are just starting out could this not produce results that are not beneficial to the sport? "In my day" .......well lets just let it be today and enjoy what we have now! "If you can't change it, change your attitude." with respect and regards
  13. Alias: Bootstrap Phil & Maisie Grace SASS#'s 104304 & 104310 South Weber, UT (UTAH WAR) We have been shooting for 2 years.
  14. Shep in the houseeeeeeeeeeee......

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