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  1. Winchester 97  12ga takedown 30”barrel. It was produced in 1898. Bought it from Cabelas years ago to shoot cowboy trap but it has never left the safe. 
    first I’ll take it gets it. Want to sell face to face. Will be at Fire and Ice and EOT

    $ 625. Will take money order or cashIMG_5652.thumb.jpeg.7e339fd1d5a3f769dc022fa26324d04b.jpegIMG_5651.thumb.jpeg.6f9beb14c90a5fa0a1014004359dd9c8.jpegIMG_5650.thumb.jpeg.5cb45c4d6f9e48818f7e28f448d372d5.jpegIMG_5653.thumb.jpeg.ad85d39118f52884112ec9d17da647ac.jpegIMG_5649.thumb.jpeg.457b502f38db1ebb96abdafb60d7ac12.jpegIMG_5648.thumb.jpeg.cf9b905aef48117a54cec4b5f4ecff11.jpegIMG_5647.thumb.jpeg.1549630760b4e7fda281b48dacecea5e.jpegIMG_5645.thumb.jpeg.f220dcb97f09b3a575aadce9058e54c1.jpegIMG_5644.thumb.jpeg.6d72ccd73fa3738cc58a8a3eeb09095f.jpegIMG_5643.thumb.jpeg.9a2bbd45afd4c3f3d4ea5583c92050e6.jpeg

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