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  1. 6 foot tall 185 pounds. Chest is 42 to 44 depending on the jacket.
  2. Wrangler Duster in excellent condition!! Size ZL. $100.00 shipped.
  3. Looking for a shooter. Don’t care about matching numbers. Have a Longhunter 73 to trade. Less than 75 rounds thru it. Beautiful rifle.
  4. 1000 pcs of New Starline.45LC Brass. $350.00 shipped.
  5. I have plenty. New and once fired. How many you need??
  6. I wear a 35 waist in wrangler jeans. This rig fits me perfect in the middle hole. .45 caliber. Fits the old vaqueros perfectly!! $200.00 shipped.
  7. A pair of Ruger Vaqueros in .45LC for sale. 4” barrel, Gunfighter grips, both are in excellent condition. Also have original grips. Purchased from Barley Corn a few months ago. Do not remember who did the action work. Still have the original springs. $1500.00 shipped.
  8. Yes. Two gun rig’s, a set of old vaqueros.45, spurs, some clothing.
  9. I would but he had a lot of stuff. If I tried to research it all, it would take years. Offering it here in the hopes some can use them or possibly a collector my want them. I hope $100.00 is fair.
  10. These are new and never worn. I am 6’ and weigh 185#. Waist is 39”, thigh is 23”, length of chinks is about 26”. $300.00 shipped. Selling these and all my gear due to recent health issues.
  11. 52 Pocket Knives. First $100.00 gets them. Found in a box of my father’s stuff. Other than the three Leathermans, I don’t know anything about them. Please look at picks.
  12. Bought this a few months ago here in the forum. Selling it due to recent health issues. Rifle is Beautiful with a Marbles Tang sight. I have not fired it. Comes with original box. Need to sell it. First $1000.00 gets it.
  13. Yes, to an FFL. Don’t remember whom I bought it from. Sorry.
  14. Coyote Cap Coach Gun. Purchased here on the forum a few months ago. In great shape with a few small cart dings. $550.00 shipped.
  15. SPF #1 - Stoeger Coach Gun. Purchased here on the forum a few months ago. In great shape with a few small cart dings. Has a chip on the right side next to the receiver that has been repaired. $475.00 shipped.
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