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  1. Lottie, I have two pair of wood, checkered GF original Bisley Vaquero grips if you are still looking.... Sold the guns but kept the GF grips.


    Rootin Tootin

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    2. Lottie Deniro

      Lottie Deniro

      Duh, sorry... It's called reading right? They are darker than I expected.  They look nice.

      They are definitely thin/narrow, right? It's just that I have small hands and when I got these Bisleys they came with a beautiful set of white pearl grips that are huge in my hands. Beautiful but huge.


      So if they are narrow I want them, how do you prefer to be paid?


      Thanks RT so much!





    3. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      Yes, they are narrow and in great shape.  They will solve your grip issue and give you more control.....

      $200 Postal money order would be great...….My info is


      Paul Reinartz

      6502 Woodland Court

      Davenport, IA  52807


      cell  563 349 2273

       Please send your info for shipping...……...Thank you..  Maybe our trails will cross one day.


      Regards...………..Rootin Tootin


    4. Lottie Deniro

      Lottie Deniro

      That would be cool to run across you! I will get that money order tomorrow.


      Gretchen Miller

      33615 Dillard Rd

      Eugene, OR 97405


      541-579-4548 Cell


      Thanks, I'll let you know when I send it out!


      Lottie Dinero

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