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  1. What Kajun said! I got some coated bullets from Lead Ringer and love them. So a free plug for Ringers Bullets here! :D


    No gumming up the dies in my press, slide slick and easy in bullet feeders, barrel is clean as a whistle after shooting. I am a fan for sure.

  2. Need to know how to pull the trigger on Bonds for sure. Sort of a pull down motion. I do believe that Bond now makes a lighter replacement spring for their weapons.

    The older Bonds, like mine were definitely that way. The newer ones have a MUCH improved trigger pull on them.

  3. I have this mod. It is a shade more in depth than the 45CS conversion due to headspacing off the case and being rimless. Well, it is a hell of a lot more in depth actually. I bit off a lot more than I realized when I got things started. After shaving off the back of the barrel to shorten the chamber you start to get into the dovetails being out of alignment, the inside of the receiver needs machined to bring the ejector further forward to function with the short case, the bolt face is larger to handle the rimmed 45 and needs to be addressed to actually hold on to the smaller acp case etc. Basically it is a pretty involved conversion from my small experience. Is it worth it? Well I will tell you that when all of the kinks are worked out and I trust it to make it through a 10 stage match without hiccups. Oh and did I mention that I am shooting it in Frontier Cartridge? So you have the black fouling to consider on a cartridge that spaces off the case rim. Why do it? I am lazy. I wanted one cartridge I can shoot in my vaqueros, my rifle and my 1911 for wild bunch. Brass is cheap and abundant compared to 45 CS. And the case is the perfect size for the SASS min 1cc of black. I absolutely loved the 45 acp in my revolvers for blackpowder, so gave it a shot in the rifle. All in all it is an ongoing project, and yet to be determined how successful it will be.


    In hindsight? I think converting a 73 to run Schofields would probably have been far easier, less time consuming and cheaper. Schofields are a great BP cartridge that you can run with zero mods in vaqueros and gives you the smaller case volume. But then I was still staring at the 1911........

  4. Starline brass, Federal match large pistol primers, 97 grns Goex 1F blackpowder, .06 fiber wad, .06 poly wad, .25 compression, .444 diameter 550 grn bullets ,paper patched with Rooster lube, bullet hand set on top of the wads. I actually pulled the center plug out of the bullet seating die to avoid any further compression, and just a light crimp to hold it all together. Use a blow tube and a lot of hot air.

    If I could figure how to put a picture in here I would show the last target with a 5 shot clover group all touching at 100.

  5. I am paper patching my 45-110 and loving it. No grease cookies, no fouling issues, and has tightened up my shot group incredibly. Dropped down to a .444 diameter 550 grain money bullet with double wrap of onion paper and it is a dream.

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