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  1. I hate it when you guys talk about prices This is sticker price in Aust. UBERTI 1860HENRY RIF W/O SWL 24.1/4IN .45LC - SKU: UB236 $2,859.00 That's about $2,200 USD
  2. I to enjoy the occasional smoke session. I love my ,36 Navies, one 51 and one 61.
  3. The Uberti 1886 is the Pedersoli 1886. This was bought up a while back and if you look at photo's of the two, they are identical. Pedersoli also make the Uberti 1874 Sharps. I bought my 1886 from the Pedersoli rep (in Australia we couldn't get the "Uberti" one). I couldn't be happier they look absolutely beautiful and handle a mid range load (34gr ADI 2207 (4198)under a 405gr proj, travelling around 1400/1450 fps) pretty well. I am setting mine up with a Lee Shaver mid range sight (we have a lever action shoot at 300M at one of the clubs I shoo
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