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  1. Curved to better protect the body from sneaky buggers in the line opposite you stabbing you from the side. Spearmen shouldn't be aiming for the guy in front of them but the guy to the right (or left depending which arm his shield is on). Takes good training and faith in the guy beside you.
  2. Its just a few close friends who are able to make it.
  3. All cats gratefully received. Except for that smart alec white cat that keeps upsetting that lady
  4. We have the CAC and electric gates. Your CAC will only get you in the gate your card is authorised for.
  5. My grandfather told me about this in New Guinea. They would burley up some sharks and put a grenade with the pin out into a loaf of bread. The game was when and where will the grenade spoon come loose and the shark go BOOM! Apparently the Japanese weren't dangerous enough for them?
  6. These are the best Bass surface lure around here. I bet with the water over the ground and the discoloration the Bass will be hunting the eddies and banks for terrestrials at the moment. Our Australian Bass don't get as big as yours but they are a hoot on light gear.
  7. Yep the big fire was 10km away in Jan last year, then COVID, now this. I really have to stop daring GOD to do her worse
  8. Thanks, I am on the Hawkesbury River so I am right in the middle of it. My house is OK but I had to drive into the closest suburb I could get to to pick up some Heart Meds and hay for a neighbour who is flooded in. In the last photo the bridge on the right is the same one that's under water
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