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  1. I have wondered how the Pietta Colt clones stack up against the Uberti's? Has anyone tried both?
  2. burn_rates.pdf This will give you an idea of what the comparable burn rates are. As previously said this doesnt necessarily equate to load data.
  3. That would be $24.27 in USD and $1000 in shipping
  4. I may have a few thou primers about the place
  5. OOPPS I just did a count and with the 5 I bought today I have 35 tins I am a one man shortage creator. I will slow down and leave some out there for everyone else. Thanks to those who contacted me, I should have done the count first
  6. The pink ones look purty. I just did a ring around of the 5 GS I know of in Sydney and bought the last 5 tins of Remi #10's I could find. I will do some Googling and see if I can find some more. tomorrow and I have PM'd the Queenslanders I know to see if there is any up there.
  7. Not until just recently. I went into the LGS and they have been told no Remington caps for a year or two. We have plenty of CCI and Federal Primers are on all the shelves so no problem there. Its just my favorite caps we cant get
  8. If you can get the caps or primers
  9. A number of the Aussie powders are distributed by Hodgdon. I think they buy in bulk and re package a lot of it. Look at this table to see which ones are the same/similar (I am not saying this means the load data is the same but this is what I believe, do your own testing). Powder equivalents - ADI World Class Powders and Ammunition (adi-powders.com.au)
  10. I might be able to get you a couple of the big bottles (Trail Boss) down here in Sydney if you can get a way to pick them up.
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