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  1. I think it's the airlines problem? I got this from a search on Australian laws. The IATA Ticketing Handbook sets out the procedure for inadmissible passengers in Section The Handbook is in copyright so I shall paraphrase, however it is not too difficult to find online if you want to read the original wording. The final inbound airline is responsible for ticketing the inadmissible passenger to whatever place advised by the authorities. It should obtain payment in the following order: If the passenger already has an outbound ticket (on any carrier) to the place specified by the authorities, then that ticket may be used immediately. Any restrictions preventing immediate use of the ticket (such as minimum stay, change fees, restriction to a specific airline, etc) should be ignored. The ticket should be revalidated (changed) by the final inbound airline and imprinted with the words "RESTRICTIONS WAIVED DUE TO INAD" in the endorsements box (to explain the situation to other carriers). If there are unflown flight coupons remaining on the inbound ticket, the final inbound airline may appropriate these flight coupons and use their value towards payment of a new outbound ticket. (Again, the ticketing airline may disregard any endorsements or restrictions on those coupons.) The word "INAD" must be appended to the passenger's name on the new ticket. If the passenger does not have a return ticket or the value of the unflown coupons does not cover the transportation costs, then the final inbound carrier is responsible for collecting the fare due for the outbound journey from the passenger. If the final inbound carrier is unable to collect the fare due for the outbound journey from the passenger, that carrier is still responsible for issuing the outbound ticket. The cost of the outbound ticket is shared between all the carriers who offered carriage on the continuous journey from the point of origin on the ticket (or the last stopover, if there was one), to the place where entry was refused. The sharing is pro-rated by mileage, so the final carrier won't pay much if it just operated a short leg on a much longer itinerary. However, if the final inbound carrier was technically incapable of issuing the onward ticket, then another inbound carrier may issue it instead; but the final inbound carrier is then responsible to the ticketing carrier for the full transportation cost (it isn't shared).
  2. H4198 (NOT IMR4198) is ADI AR2207 powder bought from Australia and repackaged by Hodgdon (same as Trail Boss for IMR). There are no 2207 loads for 45/70 in their manual that are below 1100fps. The closest is 1251 fps with a 405 lead cast proj with 27gr of 2207 (H4198). Unique or 5744 may be better options for you?
  3. I got Friday on my mind The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind - YouTube
  4. However, is also good in 45/70. H4198 is the same as ADI's AR2207 and I use that in my 1886 and Sabatti Double Rifle (both 45/70).
  5. I think you are right on the money there MMH. Although even a caretaker has an important job.
  6. and there are different crowns for a King or Queen. All of our buttons, banners or colours that are Queens banners will need to be changed. No doubt it will be done over time like our coins. Difference Between King and Queen Crown. Although the king and queen crown refer to the same head regalia, there are some distinguishing aspects. Shape; The queen’s crown, also referred to the Royal crown is made with depressed arches. The king’s crown also called the Imperial crown, on the other hand, has arches that rise to the centre.
  7. It hasnt happened yet It's just turned 1700 here A 96 gun salute by the Australian Defence Force will be held to commemorate the life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Australian Parliament House at 5:00 pm, Friday 9 September. Members of the public can watch the salute from the Forecourt of Australian Parliament …
  8. I swore my allegiance to her as a soldier in 1982. She has well and truly earned her rest and to be with her husband again.
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