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  1. Ok here we go. You can see GST at the top that means Goods and Services Tax which we do have here in Aust. Is there a GST on receipts in the US or Canada? From memory in the UK it is called Value Added Tax (VAT) so I don't think its from there. A Google search found a number of shops called "HOT SHOP" so that's covered to. Alpo could be right! WOW who'd a thunk it!
  2. I have been able to pick up enough TB and some other powders and primers as well as percussion caps to keep me going. I suspect the ADI issues will resolve themselves this year and I am looking fwd to trying some loads with the AP70N which seems to be very similar to Unique. I am always looking for loads to work with my 45/70.
  3. This is from the ADI site. Propellant Outlook & The APS Situation By admin|March 26th, 2021|ADI Powders News|0 Comments It has been quite some time since we offered any sort of update, contributed to by the mere fact that 2020 was a year like no other; bushfires, a pandemic, stock market crashes and rallies, and ultimately lockdowns for large swathes of the Australian population at various periods of time. We at Australian Munitions have faced these challenges head on, while additionally having to deal with keeping COVID out of the facilities
  4. I have wondered how the Pietta Colt clones stack up against the Uberti's? Has anyone tried both?
  5. burn_rates.pdf This will give you an idea of what the comparable burn rates are. As previously said this doesnt necessarily equate to load data.
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