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  1. I guess Ill just give the number aa call tomorrow.
  2. Yep, true story. Don't judge me this was in the interest of science. I pulled up to the window at DQ and the girl gave me the total. She looked at me, then she looked at my ice cream cone, then she looked back at me. I locked eyes with her. Then I took a big lick of my ice cream cone as I gave her my money. By the way, Ive tried all the combinations of pineapple and caramel. They taste the best with caramel on each end and pineapple in the middle.
  3. Anybody else think that dude needs to trim his nails? I may have to try this, but I'll need to use 2 liter bottles instead of cans...
  4. Ive heard people mention it, but really know nothing about it. I tried to look at the rockcastle link but not really any match info. Where do I look?
  5. Remind me to show you mine and get ready to bribe Widder.
  6. Wait...y'all wear pants? I thought I felt a breeze in my chaps!
  7. I sure hate to see a young fella such as yourself get caught up in this game. Its a treacherous slope that you cant seem to quite get off of. You'll lose sleep dreaming up transitions and new ways to shoot a stage. You'll do away with all but your best friends in favor of these new strangers that you cant seem to dislike, even though you try mighty hard with a couple of them. You'll find yourself driving 2 or 3 hours to shoot for a minute and a half. You'll see your bank account go from yeehaw to uh oh. You'll feel like you're on a rollercoaster with all the ups and downs as you find your best way to shoot. And buddy, you'll love every minute of it! Welcome!
  8. I use both of mine. Figured God gave me two for a reason.
  9. That's funny right there but quit picking on people younger than you.
  10. I agree wholeheartedly on the last point. The others depend on the situation as most everything does. Situation where someone comes in shooting: Open carry has the advantage(I dont have to dig my firearm out of my britches to bring it into play). Situation of an opportunistic robber: open carry will have the advantage of not providing the "opportunity" for a soft target. Robber goes to the concealed carrier and robs him. Maybe gets shot but still causing hassle for the concealed carrier. This would fit into most cases of robbery I would think.
  11. I'm so broke, if someone robbed me they'd just be practicing!
  12. Ever realize it's usually the racists and bigots calling people that? I been meaning to get me a couple of those hats, just never got around to it.
  13. I open carry. Meaning I don't try to conceal it. I don't flaunt it however. Usually my tshirt is over the butt of my revolver if I think about it. That's just it, I don't think about it that much. The reason I don't try to conceal it is for the opportunistic azzhole. If it makes them think twice about trying to do me or a loved one or even stranger harm, it can save me from a lawsuit. I am of the mindset, if you give someone a black eye they've got a black eye for a week. If you break both of their arms, they cant wipe their butt for 6 weeks. If them seeing my gun keeps me out of trouble, I am all for it.
  14. Cornbread pizza is the best thing you'll eat. Make up your batter like you want. Pour half of it in your skillet. Put a half pound of browned hamburger meat, half pound of browned sausage, green peppers, cheese (really anything you want) on top of the 1st half of batter. Then put on the other half of the batter. Cook it like you do all cornbread except the last 5 minutes I sprinkle cheese on top. This is really good with a little pinto bean juice on top of it. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your tongue slapping your brains out trying to gobble it down, nor for the amount of weight gained. Corn. I forgot that I put corn in mine too.
  15. I don't call a feller a liar or talk about his horse or dog. Don't think that I was. I was referencing that old joke about the man that said his farm was so big it took all day to drive across it. Other fella said he had a truck that run like that once.
  16. I had a hardheaded horse once too. My sister used to train walking horses. They wouldn't get within 100 yards of any kind of snake. Matter of fact, she had me stay away from places we had killed them cause they got skittish and you dont want one to run. I dont think it is uncommon because I killed a rattler in the driveway last spring. My dogs made a wide loop around where I killed it until winter.
  17. ...and supper and breakfast! Actually something stole the meat in the 20 minutes I was gone to get the glycerin and alcohol to tan the hide. Made me mad to lose that much meat.
  18. I talked to people afterwards. Everyone was pretty much in agreement that it was a good changeover from you P'ing all over everything with that automatic '97 you usually take in there.
  19. I don't blame you for bragging about getting 116k miles on a ford. A guy explained it to me this way. Those gaskets and seals get "used" to the oil you run. If you change over to synthetic, it will inevitably find a way through or around those gaskets. That makes sense. The why of it could be a couple things. Conventional oil is made from crude. Synthetic oil is made from an oil biproduct and contains esters(alchohol). Those are hard on gaskets and seals in older vehicles. On older vehicles, the gaskets arent as tight as well. Synthetic oil is really good at cleaning out sludge and grime and stuff. That sludge and grime and stuff can be acting as a sealant for the gaskets. When it's cleaned out, hello leaks.
  20. Shot my first Turkey last season. Scared the heck out of everybody else at the grocery store.
  21. Nothing will make you reload faster than having just the right kind of inspiration!
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