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  1. May be just me, but I never would have joined if this were the case.
  2. Actually I have found if you insult someone, it offends them for some reason.
  3. Mine is plumb full. Part of it might be filled with air, but it's full nonetheless.
  4. I've seen people like y'all before.....but I had to pay admission.
  5. Keep typing Widder. Chances are you'll say something intelligent eventually. I tell you what, if I wanted to kill myself I'd climb up your ego and jump down to your IQ. Now, that's funny I dont care who you are!
  6. Don't want to leave you out. You're proof that God has a sense of humor.
  7. Back then there weren't but 10 laws. Widder is so old, the first time he seen a rainbow it was in black and white.
  8. Yall leave me out of this. I don't want to have a battle of wits with someone unarmed.
  9. Well at least my mom didn't get a ticket for littering when she dropped me off at school.
  10. Here I am minding my own business and I get dragged in to something. And, I was gonna be nice. On a side note, Widder. I really like what you've done with your hair...how do you get it to grow out of your nose that way?
  11. I just had a great idea! We'll sign up some young shooters by marketing the match as some kind of live action gaming system. It's so advanced, not only do you not see the wires, you don't even need wireless controllers! It operates on brainwaves and body movements alone! Yep, this is the next generation in gaming. Almost impossible to tell from the real thing.
  12. I'd counter that it is about getting people to watch. It's kinda like a car show. Eventually you're gonna want your own car to bring. When there is an obvious dearth of spectators, it has to be location and/or advertising. Is it set to "public"? The kids don't have to shell out the cash nowadays. The parents and grandparents do that now. I'd say 25yo to just above retirement age. Just my .02
  13. Bout 3 seconds on a good run with it. Bout 3 seconds on a good run without it.
  14. 1. Move the national and world championships on occasion. 2. Bigger "official sass" facebook presence. 3. My favorite would be: Offer some kind of discount or reward for every new member an existing member brings in. Free monthly match voucher is a good thought...or a nanner split. 4. Rule book is huge. Simplify it. Can start by making the defining terms actual definitions. Examples: In hand doesn't actually mean in hand....Firing line is not the actual firing line, it includes the LT and ULT. Fire a round from one of those and see what it gets ya. That should be the definition of the stage. Firing line should be the part of the stage you do your firing on. 5. Do something just for the fun of it. Maybe a national shooter rank by category averaged by matches. Maybe add a 3rd big match somewhere between a regional and the nationals. Call it whatever you want, I just think there's room for another big one. 6. Did I mention nanner splits.
  15. I don't know if it'll work or not but as soon as I read this I put a picture of Mae West in my wallet.
  16. Some classified sites have a button you can hit to mark the ad way over priced...I hate that. If I put a thousand dollars worth of parts and smithing into a rifle that was a thousand dollars, that means I have 2k in that rifle I want 1200 bucks for. Someone uninformed sees my price of 1200 and says "I can get a new one for 1000" and marks it over priced. I say if you dont like a price dont buy it. After all, you gonna contact someone with a first gen colt for sale for 400 and tell them they're too cheap?
  17. But this is none of those. This is an unloaded round in a functional rifle. I understand that round is scored as a miss and that target can be made up but I don't see how it can let you get by with not engaging the target. I must be a fence post. I did say "the KD can be made up with the SG". To be "made up" it has to be engaged for the first time, correct? I don't see where it was engaged at all before being shot with the shotgun. That is what I am trying to discern. What keeps a shooter from willfully disregarding the stage instructions? I thought we got a p for that. All the stages I have ever shot gave a round count that you have to load.
  18. That's where something isn't right. Not loading enough ammo in the rifle is not a malfunction. In any sense of the word.
  19. So that means a shooter can totally disregard the stage instructions and just not shoot a rifle or pistol knockdown as long as the words KDs can be made up with the shotgun. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Do we just get to ignore the words "made up"? It doesn't say "instead of". Tell me where I am wrong in my thinking.
  20. I've never heard of declaring a "loading malfunction". For instance: rifle scenario is triple tap each of the 3 rifle targets and then shoot the knockdown. KD can be made up with shotgun. Shooter only loads 9. He triple taps the 3 rifle targets and then engages the KD with the shotgun. He has a P.
  21. I have to wholly and emphatically disagree with the first two paragraphs. To me that is unfathomable.
  22. Agreed; however, "make up rifle misses with shotgun" does not mean you can engage the targets with the shotgun before the rifle has engaged the specified target. That will earn you a P for not following the stage instructions. I am still not on board with rounds left in a firearm are actual misses because the quoted reasoning behind giving the P on our other thread and similar ones is "rounds left in the revolver are scored as misses".
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