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  1. Benelli M2, M4, SBE 12ga Smith and Wesson 327pc 357 22 bolt action target rifles Dillon 1050 caliber conversion in 9mm and 357 ...and a nanner split. Thanks Yul!
  2. No photos or video evidence will be allowed...
  3. Widder, I think they do bring good luck to you. Just imagine the shape you'd be in if they didn't!
  4. Randy, are we gonna have all the same side matches? And, most importantly am I going to get another chance at being in the upper echelon with you by cutting the rope at 30 feet with a derringer?!
  5. Ad good a price as anywhere. I expect a sell out before they get to the match. That way folks will be able to use them for....the match.
  6. I know. Lets all just shoot the same stage layout and order every time! That way the spotters will know exactly what to expect and when. I think you're on to something. By the first few matches all the spotters will be proficient and by 6 months everybody will be an expert. And since we will all be shooting the same stage every time our times will go down. I don't think it is wholly inexperience. I think some of it is the way you come across. Not trying to be mean, just stating my opinion. Its almost to the point of when I see some of your posts its like, "whats he percentaging now" or "whats he overanalyzing". Personally, if I'm going to a shoot and they dumb it down for the spotters I'm gonna get bored with it and probably not go anymore.
  7. Whichever ones you want. I use federal primers.
  8. Widder does Slater still have his "good luck charm" on his cart? Better yet, has he figured out what it is?
  9. That Voodoo don't scare me none. I aint superstitious. My rabbit's foot and spittin' in my pee stream protects me from all that anyhow. Now that hillbilly Hoodoo is real. My Granny on my Mommas side was indian. Feather, not dot. She was meaner'n a rattlesnake with a toothache and tougher'n my wifes' pork chops. You didn't want to see her rub 2 flat rocks together and spit under one of them, I'll tell ya that. Out of her and Grandpap, she was the mean one alright. And Grandpap held the travelling preacher down and cut his hand off for knockin on the door when he was told not to(thats true actually).
  10. Don't know about you but it's an hour and 45 minutes to the range for me. That gives me plenty time to get my excuses in order. I can think up some pretty good ones. Widder and Purly aint no slouch either. They'll run a 14 second stage and I'll ask what took em so long. They wont skip a beat and tell me that dang rabbit wouldn't get out of their way.
  11. Just goes to show you, common sense aint that common any more.
  12. You know, you are exactly right! I was wrong. You'd better write that down on your calendar, cause I don't admit it much.
  13. Thanks Widder. I got hers reserved. Now me and Rowdy Riley dont have to fight over mine.
  14. Randy, you want to bet yer ice cream on who atleast ONE feller is that's gonna trip and fall in it?
  15. I'd have maintenance come move that mirror next to your desk. I couldn't help it.
  16. What are you trying to do to me? And I see it right before I go to bed?! This is awful news. And I don't know where you got that picture of the nanner split, but it is wrong. Everybody knows a correct nanner split has caramel on each end with pineapple in the middle.
  17. I only have one Widder softstroke. Its too long for Rowdy Riley. Gonna have any youth models?
  18. In all his glory. He and his uncle two of my favorite authors btw. Kinda favors Purly huh. Danged if I'd tote that cowboy all over the place though.....
  19. Southern gentleman? Ocoee Red will getcha! I told him I was gonna get on him one time, and he said, Boy, you just might want off. I've knocked down and crawled over people bigger'n you just to get into a fight. Hey, I don't make this stuff up. @Ocoee Red #31751
  20. That'd be the worst thing for Cap'n to do! I'd catch wind of that sammich and pester him to death til he give me a bite. Be like hiding a steak from a dog.
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