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  1. I read 2 or 3 a week. If it sucks enough for me to skip ahead, it sucks enough for me to quit reading it.
  2. I've seen those. They seem really well made but I don't have any experience with them.
  3. I'll check them out if I can't find a good used one. I appreciate it.
  4. I figure its worth a shot to put it out here that I'm looking for a 2x72 belt grinder/sander. Anybody have one taking up space?
  5. Is the song called big iron where the bad guy only has a gunfight close to sundown with his back to the sun? Maybe by Marty Robbins. Guess I could've just googled it but where is the fun in that?
  6. I feel like I stepped into the twilight zone. I can't even tell who is against who except Phantom and Cap'n.
  7. You know, you may have a point. Best we jist team up on Widder...
  8. Kajun, the time will never be right! RoHo the hoodoo doll may favor a certain Krazy shooter next go 'round!
  9. That's what I was trying to say and I'll elaborate on the 2nd amendment portion. When someone hears a place say they dont want open carry, and they essentially say I agree we don't need to open carry anyway it does zero good for the 2nd amendment group as a whole.
  10. Good word. I may have to use that!
  11. I still agree. The difference is I can choose not to go into Walmart. Walmart can be fine with people not going to their store. The baker HAD to make the cake. The people refused to go to another storr.
  12. Hmm. Good job snipping, but I will play. You snipped the part out where I said it was their prerogative. That means that it is their choice. Anything dealing with firearms has either a direct or indirect effect on the 2nd.
  13. I agree with you. The private business can do whatever they want except NOT bake a cake for a gay wedding. Just want people to realize when they are pro 2nd amendment and "agree" with certain anti 2nd items it just adds fuel for the other side.
  14. One thing people probably should think about. All of these tiny concessions add up. For instance when we are asked not to open carry in someones store. Yes that is their prerogative because it is their store (notice how I say that even when I'm not talking about a baker not wanting to make a gay cake) but it is still a concession. When we say, well, I agree we don't NEED to open carry in the store we water down the 2nd ammendment. After a few years we get used to it, then it's easier to make another small concession. Then another and another. There is a good analogy here with catching wild hogs. Put a pile of corn out one day, the pigs eat it. The next day, put a pile of corn out with a fence panel. The next day add another fence panel. This keeps going on until the pigs have to single file through a small opening to get to the pile of corn. When they do, you put the last panel in place. This is how guns will be taken away if they ever are. Little by little until you get used to the little concessions.
  15. Good question Phantom, and I'm glad you asked. The reasons you will hear to not open carry usually start out with, "you will make yourself the first target". While I have never seen any evidence to back up that claim, I could see that being the case in a couple of situations. One being where someone had a grand plan to commit a robbery and the only way that plan would work is for it to happen at the exact time I am at the place it is to happen. That'd be pretty rare. On the other hand, some of MY reasons to open carry are more likely to happen. One of which is an argument we use all the time about "carrying" in general. We say people strike soft targets such as some movie theaters and schools because people can't carry there. That's a group target but single targets are the same. If you were going to rob or rape somebody would it be the person with the .45 on their hip or would it be the person with one you don't see? Granted both people are protected by that .45 but the one open carrying has prevented the crime against them before it happened. Sad to say I have had quite a few fights in my life. While some were competitive, a lot were not. I don't have a whole lot of back up in me. But, I can say I have not had a single fight while I was open carrying for some reason. If me open carrying makes someone reconsider their motives and saves me from stomping their eyeballs out of their head, then I have won. Nature tells us a lot. Look at a porcupine and a groundhog. Which one is a dog going to attack? God has given us something to protect ourselves with. Instead of claws, teeth or quills, he gave us brains. We used that to devise ways of protecting ourselves.
  16. Well I'm still open carrying...
  17. Widder, that makes you about the only feller in the country it worked on!
  18. I'm leaving the gimmicks at home this weekend. We'll see if that helps...
  19. At first, I thought you were saying 3 years ago you had 100 people for a monthly until I read the last sentence. Curious, how long ago were you drawing 100 at the monthly?
  20. You know what they say. If you can't take a yolk, don't eat eggs!
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