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  1. Tyrel if you'd like me to try that lever lock out for you to see if it works, I'd be happy to. I jack out a round every other couple strings. I dont think my hammer is falling fast enough
  2. No. I am asking if using the known illegal firearm to get a penalty of 10 seconds instead of taking the 25 seconds for misses for the broke gun COULD constitute a sog penalty since you are saving time by knowingly committing an illegal action.
  3. See I was asking if it could become a sog penalty by knowingly using the illegal backup gun to get a 10 second penalty instead of 25 seconds worth of misses on a BROKE gun. I thought knowingly doing something illegal to get a better time COULD constitute a sog penalty.
  4. The one that broke he doesnt have a LEGAL backup for.
  5. I wouldn't think anybody would give you a dnf because of a declared broken gun. It would have to be the last gun at any rate. I think if you attempt it you cant get a dnf. Not sure.
  6. Widder, I thought taking a penalty or doing something on purpose to get a better time was subject to spirit of the game penalty. Kind of like if order was pistol rifle shotgun. They fire the rifle in the wrong sequence and just dump the pistols. You ask why they did that and they say, well I got a P on the rifle and you cant get but one per stage and it was faster to just dump the pistols. I been wrong before though and not just when I ordered the wrong nanner split.
  7. I do that a lot. And I do it on purpose On the way to the stage
  8. To which stage do you apply the penalty? When someone gets out of their car and is walking around the range? When someone sweeps someone between stages?
  9. Hence my confusion. Unless I'm wrong instead of confused
  10. Have used stern words to no avail. No fun looking straight down the barrel of a rifle.
  11. What is the procedure for someone sweeping somebody before they reach the loading table? How do you handle that, other than ducking and delivering your favorite wrestling move? Say someone takes their long gun from their cart and carries it arm hanging down muzzle pointing straight out.
  12. I agree with being cognizant of the fact the timer is picking up shots. But, I'm not doing it to stop the shooter and restart them. Just for the occasion when a gun fails to know if the last shot was captured or not. To stop the shooter because you see shots not picking up even if it is the whole rifle string and or pistol string is no good. Get closer and try to pick up the shotgun. If it doesn't pick up, reshoot. We also cant watch the timer every shot and also watch the shooter every shot.
  13. What is obviously malfunctioning? Just trying to get on the same page. Do you mean not picking up the rifle and possibly pistols? Cause it could possibly pick up the shotgun.
  14. I'd say but don't stop somebody because the timer hasn't picked up a shot yet. Bad to be stopped in the middle of a good run because the T.O. doesn't understand it's the last shot time that counts. Id also say make sure you see the last shot time. Especially before you cover the mic. Ive seen that pick up as another shot!
  15. Quick question. Are you challenged by the distance those targets are or by the speed you have to shoot those distant targets? Meaning, if you have a minute per shot, would you hit them every time?
  16. This is just my honest opinion and personal observations. Take it for what it's worth, which may not be much. People have no trouble hitting big close targets. They don't have trouble hitting smaller sized targets at greater distance either. Where the trouble comes in is hitting either setup at speed. Naturally the better shooters will have to slow down less than the less experienced shooters. The trick is to find the "sweet spot" you shoot at. I'm not talking distance, I'm talking speed limit. Every person will have a sweet spot speed limit for EVERY stage. If you run a 15 second 10-10-4 stage when targets are set at 4 and 9 yards, you may need 5 more seconds at 6 and 12 yards. Thats example only. The point is to hit consistently you will have to pump the brakes a bit. A group 1 shooter may only need minimal extra time but as we progress further down the line of shooters more time is needed. One of my biggest problems is exceeding my speed limit, so naturally I like pistol targets 4 to 5 yds. Closer than 4 yards and I outrun myself. Farther than 5 yards and I outrun myself. Not the stages fault, it's mine for not hitting the brakes. It doesn't change the fact that I like stages where I don't have to pump the brakes so hard though. This is a game of speed or we would not penalize a miss with extra time. Widder uses the phrase optimum shooting distance or performance or something. He's right too. A traditional shooter uses 2 hands they can steady the pistol with. They wont need as much extra time as a duelist because they only use one hand. A duelist wont need as much extra time than gunfighter style because they only use one hand and have to change site picture after every shot. So that can go into the equation as well.
  17. That's what I like about you, Creeker. I told a pard the other day. I was glad he disagreed with me cause I'd have nobody to debate if we were both right.
  18. Being one of the best and most humble shooters to ever grace my back yard I have stumbled upon the Holy Grail of targets. I use a line of targets from the New Imaginary Target co. You can get them as small as match sticks and big as a bus. The best thing about them is the price. I can beat the bunkhouse boss 70 percent of the time and only occasionally earn a procedural. The bad thing about them is sometimes I forget to leave them at home and they end up at a match I'm shooting. Kidding of course, and I agree with Creeker. Unless I change my mind. Then I disagree vehemently.
  19. Me and them spirits get along. Unless th're bad uns. Then I eat em
  20. Don't see my name. Id better check with the bunkhouse boss and make sure she sent it in.
  21. I read 2 or 3 a week. If it sucks enough for me to skip ahead, it sucks enough for me to quit reading it.
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