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  1. if you decide to split them up, I'd be interested in the shotgun belt. thanks! LQ
  2. One blued .38 special, one nickel .38 special, both 8" barrels, used little. Lightly tuned, with hammer blocks removed - very smooth and reliable. Boxes not original to guns. now $1750 shipped insured to FFL, thanks for looking. Sold pending funds to Whit Taylor. LQ
  3. Yeah I'm curious too... Bisleys are about the only thing I haven't tried. LQ Jones
  4. If they don't work out for you, I'd like to give them a try. LQ Jones
  5. I've used a 92 in 45 Colt a couple of times. Great brush gun, with 365GC hard cast and H110 its drops hogs like a bag of bricks. El Q
  6. Jeez that didn't take long - I'll take them if it doesn't work out. El Q
  7. Tell you what...... 16 gauge is a JOY to be shooting for 8 or 10 stages. LQ
  8. Don't get desperate. Buy another OT in 5 1/2 and sell me your old one. Piece of cake. LQ Coming up on a year back ordered for my Barrel.
  9. I've got a Deluxe Smoke wagon. I like it enough to be looking for another, if that helps. LQ
  10. Wish there was some W3G around here. I've shot alot of unaffiliated FUN matches in TX/NM - one/two pistol, reloads on anything/everything, cover, moving, flyers, long range bonus, etc etc...10/10/4 is getting old - kinda like bowling, or bingo. LQ
  11. If N ya find one, I'll buy your 4 3/4 barrel Ive had 1 back ordered for quite a while now. El Q
  12. Neat article. Look on eBay for a set of antique loading tools. I even have an antique priming tool that takes the anxiety out of banging a case down on a primer. That'll fray your nerves after a few of them go off on ya ! LQ
  13. Deadeye- For shooting real black or pyrodex, I just start with a "square" load, then pattern it. Something about seeing those flaming wads puts a smile on my face. The subs are harder to get good results with. When I use APP or 777 type powder, I use less powder to avoid getting a hole in the pattern. I've had great results with the circle fly wads. For Magtech brass I use 10 gauge wads. For RMC or original brass, I use 11 ga overpowder and shot wads, then 10 ga overshot. Use the tightest wads you can get in the case.
  14. Pay close attention to your wad & card sizes and you will have a more harmonious outcome. Have fun ! I don't think anybody else mentioned it here, but advise the RO that youre shooting brass so he doesn't step on your cases ! El Q Jones
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