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  1. Everybody relax - things will get through. It's Christmas !! LQ
  2. *UPDATE* Kirk was kind enough to walk me through how to measure a short stroke. Pretty sure it's a "standard" or 3rd generation stroke kit. Description has been updated accordingly. See additional pics, thanks !! LQ
  3. Anybody got a pair of 7 1/2" Open Top (cartridge revolver) .45 barrels they're not using? I can offer my pair of 5 1/2" barrels in return if interested. LQ
  4. Pretty sure it was a Longhunter gun. I did the brass carrier, Boogie springs and coil extractor.
  5. Pretty sure it's a Pioneer. Boogie L/Ls too, original post amended. Been a while since I looked in this one.
  6. 20" octagonal barrel with bead front/flattop rear, Pioneer short stroke (3rd gen or standard we think; see added pictures), Boogie L/L springs, coil spring/relieved extractor, lightened jeweled carrier, XL firing pin, sleeved mag tube. Checkered forend & pistol grip stock, light safety spring, lever catch eliminated. Stitched leather lever wrap & butt stock cover. Super smooth, super reliable and super fast - this has been my backup gun for three years now but I hardly ever shoot it. Great shape minus a few cart dings here and there. Sold to Jokers Wild. Thanks
  7. As described above; no work done on them other than washers under the mainsprings to lighten them up a bit. Great condition, I've shot them a few times over the past year - no issues. Uberti's most accurate reproduction in my opinion. Correct boxes. Kicking myself already, but I've got way too many guns as it is. , SOLD to the Ornery Oaf, thanks for looking. LQ
  8. .38s are cheaper to shoot and easier to handle. been there done that. LQ
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