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  1. Doc-Sent you an email for some pics, I have a buddy that may be interested. LQ
  2. I haven't purchased in quantity yet..... Possum Skinner, try Parker ballpoint click-pen springs. Otherwise, Shotgun Boogie & Palo Verde sell them. The springs are an uncommon size; .145" OD, .120" ish ID, .750 long. I did find some as part of a handyman assortment once. LQ
  3. it's a good thing because it's been just above freezing here lately. and there is a couch here somewhere - buried under guns and guitars !!! LQ
  4. can't beat the open tops for BP - accurate & easy to clean. these do have the gas ring cylinders. I do have a pair of '71 Open Top 5 1/2s in .45 I'm thinking about putting up also.
  5. I hear ya. Gotta get up early to beat some of the guys around here
  6. A buddy of mine out in New Mexico converted this for me a ways back. it originally had the ill-fated Kirst conversion that kept breaking firing pins and finally the recoil shield broke. He machined a new shield with locator tab & solid firing pin, and also Incorporated a Richard's Mason type rear sight on the shield. Hammer was flattened and hardened. Cylinder has safe notches between the chambers. Gun is reloaded by pushing out the wedge & removing the cylinder, or poking the empties out through the loading cut. It is .32 S&W. Still have the original CB cyl
  7. Neat little 5 shot .38 S&W revolver, probably early 1880s. Grips are not original, nor is the firing pin which appears to be made from drill rod. Parts are unobtainable for these, so understandable. Function/lockup is very good, dark bore. Fun to shoot once in awhile SPF to Howdy Partner. Thanks for looking. LQ
  8. I've also heard them called C. Masons. But these are the sexiest ones by far. I think the Type 1s had the rear sight & firing pin on the recoil shield?
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