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  1. Price(s) are shipped, first I'll take "X" posted to the thread get's it. Thanks for looking.


    1) 40 S&W 1000 new Starline $140


    2) 444 Marlin RP (Remington) NICKEL. 89 new cases. $70


    3) Sold Pending Funds. 375 Winchester. All WW-Super (Winchester). 300 new, bagged. 60 new, in 20rd boxes. 61 once fired in 20 round boxes.(one of the boxes is the old one marked "Big Bore 94") 421 total. $230


    4) Sold Pending Funds. 243 Winchester. Frontier headstamp (Hornady I believe) 100 new bagged.(I actually counted 102...not counting them twice) $45


    5) 7mm Magnum. 73 new R-P(Remington), 60 R-P once fired, 19 Winchester NICKEL once fired. $80


    6) 7MM Magnum Hornady Custom grade, New dimension die set new in shrink wrap. $30



    This is also from my Dad's accumulation.


    Blued Taurus Thunderbolt in 45 Colt with a 26" barrel. It was new in the box until I just ran several full magazines through it.(I haven't found any paperwork, if it came with any) These guns are notorious for not running right, so I wanted to see before I listed it. It ran my 200 RNFP smokeless CAS load without issue, as fast or slow as I wanted to go until I was bored with it.(I'm not a pump shooter)


    Price(s) are shipped to your FFL, first I'll take it posted to the thread get's it. All trade offers considered, but please, PM me an actual offer, i.e. "I'll trade you X and this much boot money for X". I'm not looking for anything special right now, but you never know. Thanks for looking.












    Although not often seen anymore, there are also some SuperBlackHawk 'Hunter' models out there in .45 Colt. These are stainless with 7.5" barrels.


    Ruger still offers the SBH Hunter models in .44 Mag.


    I have one of the SHB Hunters in .45 Colt and they are beautiful to shoot.





    Did they do this with the "regular" grip frame? I know they did some in Bisley configuration and I've been looking for one ever since, all I find are the 44's. They make/made a lot of variations, so it wouldn't surprise me.

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