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  1. As pictured.  "This add on accessory is a great option for reloaders looking for the ability to set the primer seater to one adjustment with no need to readjust the punch for different brands of hulls. This accessory can be retrofitted to nearly any 366 Auto Progressive Press"  $50 shipped.  Listed multiple places, if interested, PM for availability.  Thanks.


  2. There's been some questions about what these would be good for and their legality for SASS.  They are of course legal for most categories in SASS and brass is plentiful and cheap.  They could be loaded with 45 Super brass for hotter loads than acp brass will withstand as they are *original Vaqueros* and were chambered in other high pressure calibers.  They would make unique EDC carry guns and are begging for some engraving from @Aspen Filly 50535 (or your favorite engraver) to be really cool "BBQ guns".  Pretty versatile really.

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  3. 10 hours ago, Wild Willi said:

    I will take the stag grips

    You got 'em, PM sent.  Thanks.


    8 hours ago, Pee Wee #15785 said:

    If #1 fits full size I will take them if for a single six I do not want them!

    I'll test fit it to a couple full size frames later today and post a pic or 2 and you can decide.

  4. I built these a few years ago because I thought 45 acp would be fun and intended to build a 73 to match.  Pretty sure I'm over it, but if these don't sell, who knows, I have a hard time selling pretty Rugers.  Anyway, guns started as factory *original vaquero* Sheriff models, they have solid brass front sights, free spin pawls, Belt Mountain oversize base pins and an action work to smooth them up.  They are not consecutive numbered.  Good 45acp ammo is 100% reliable as the chambers are properly cut.  Obviously the Sambars are exquisite.  No boxes, papers, just what you see.  No, they won't shoot 45 colt or 45 auto rim or 410:rolleyes:, just 45acp.  $3850 shipped.  First I'll take it posted here gets them.  Not looking for a lot of trades, but a shooter grade Ruger Hawkeye pistol, a Reising M50 or a Browning BPCR  or Ruger #3 in 45-70 might interest me.






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  5. All parts have minor handling marks, but are in very good to excellent usable condition, please see the pics..

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS 1) Blued steel birdshead grip frame and black factory grips.  $175

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS 2) Elk stag birdshead grips with screw, one set for one gun, shown on frame for fit, frame not included. $120

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS 3) Factory black birdshead grips, with screw. $40 ea. set, 2 sets available.

    4) Aluminum grip frames for new model guns. ever so slightly shorter in the butt, please see pic with factory wood grip on to see.  $75 for BOTH frames


    Prices are shipped.  Paypal FnF or snail mail funds.  First I'll take "X" posted here gets it.  Thanks.





















  6. Bought this just before the frame cracked on my 625-10 PC.  They (S&W) don't fix anything any longer, "here's a replacement gun", unfortunately they don't make the 625-10 PC any more.  I'm over this project.  1000 pieces Starline 45 Auto Rim brass as pictured.  $250 shipped.  Paypal FnF or snail mail funds.  PM me for availability please, listing elsewhere in addition to here.  Thanks.




  7. 20 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:



    PM sent.


    19 hours ago, Cassalong Hopidy said:

    Fireball. I think I have every .257 Weatherby die and accessory made but have given my 4 rifles in that caliber to sons.  Want me to bring them to RHR shoot?  BTW, great caliber if you haven’t shot it before.  I have used it on many whitetails, mule deer and antelope.



    Thanks Cass, I'll catch up with you at RHR.

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