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  1. All my 97's have these, so selling the extra. New, unused. $22 shipped. First I'll take it posted here gets it. Paypal friends and family or snail mail a check. Thanks.
  2. Bought and used to cleanup 2 chambers on a derringer. Excellent condition $85 shipped. Paypal friends and family or snail mail a check. First I'll take it posted here gets it. Thanks.
  3. They've made them, and they can run good, but they are very ammunition sensitive for reliability. I think you will find the cost of getting cylinders, either made or buying used and having them fitted, may make burning up your stash of ammo impractical. Used 45acp cylinders turn up on Ebay occasionally and will usually be several hundred dollars. A different option would be to hunt up convertible guns(with the 2 cylinders), buy them, keep the desired cylinder and sell the guns with just the 45 colt cylinder. Sometimes they will "drop in" the keeper gun, other times not so much. Good luck with your project!
  4. Original equipment factory base pins to fit large frame guns like original Vaquero(what they came out of) or Blackhawks and Bisleys built on the large frame. Second pic is for reference of what they look like installed(gun not for sale). I have a pair of Blued and a pair of Stainless(SOLD) as pictured. $40 shipped per pair. First I'll take "X" pair posted here gets it. Paypal Friends and Family or snail mail a check. Thanks.
  5. There were a few at Land Run: Darby, Jayhawk Jerry, Happy Appy, Wyoming Double Oot, Cap'n Highpockets, Captain Allyn Capron. I shoot with Ranger John Paxton at several clubs in Florida and Alabama and I believe he now qualifies for El Rey, he also travels to many of the larger shoots. He's an inspiration to us all, usually shooting clean and beating many of the other shooters.
  6. Full button front, includes a button on collar that I'm not sure goes to this shirt, but it matches. $25 $20 shipped. Paypal friends and family or mail a check. First I'll take it posted here gets it. Thanks.
  7. These collectible grips came on the early run(late 90's/early 2000's) of Rugers original Vaquero Sheriffs model from the factory. The guns had little use when I bought them many years ago, never having been used in a match. There are a few handling marks that are very light and hard to capture, but pictured as best I could, no chips or cracks and the escutcheons are solid. Selling as a set of 4 grips, with screws(2 guns) for $250 shipped. First I'll take it posted here gets them. Paypal friends and family, or snail a mail check. Thanks.
  8. I bought these factory new and modified them back when they came out and shot them for a couple years. 50th Anniversary models in 357 mag, cut and crowned to 3 7/8"(sheriff length), barrels octagoned(top not milled flat to preserve factory 50th anniversary markings) with wedding band style frame mate up, converted to Bisleys with factory Sambar Stag grips. Non consecutive serial numbers. Grip frames thinned and lightened. Custom, wider, milled Stainless steel front sights. Oversize Belt mountain base pins. Ejector rod's converted to "bullseye" style with Aluminum ejector rod housings. A few years back I had Boomstick do his short stroke/transfer bar removal/action work on them. Stainless steel triggers, hammers, base pin cross screws and grip frame screws. Cosmetically, the blued bits could use reblued or hard chromed, or use as is, for a more cowboy look. They are great shooters in original boxes with paperwork, but they're just sitting in the safe as I prefer the larger frame of original Vaquero's. $2850 $2650 shipped to your FFL. First I'll take it posted here gets them. Prefer cash sale, but will consider PM'd trade offers. Thanks.
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