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  1. @J. Mark Flint #31954 LIFE, I never block anyone from sending a PM or responding to a Post (unlike others we know). Hate mail just gets PDF'd and put in a separate folder. My mailbox was at 100% which should have allowed your message to go through; however, I just cleaned up a few PM's and got it down to 96% should you wish to PM later. I'll back you up on you having never sent a negative PM. As for bragging, I don't believe so. Insurance fraud, in this particular case, no way. The tire stood taller than the top of the truck and did quite a bit of extensive damage over and above what was already there, which was an ugly dent. The Post was meant to prompt similar situations that others may have encountered. I believe that is what we do here in the SALOON, share tales of woe, accidents, joy, happenstance, etc. Some look for the good in others, others look.......
  2. Early in our marriage, my wife and I lived in a trailer park in Columbia, South Carolina. We had recently purchased our first brand new vehicle - 1977 Chevrolet Camaro. Not long after, we discovered that someone had kicked in the right rear panel over the wheel well which resulted in a major dent. We could not prove it, but the trailer next to us always had loud parties, and we believe someone got drunk and thought it funny to kick our car. Being newlyweds, money was tight and we really couldn't afford to have the damage fixed right away. It was several of months later, when we were stopped at a traffic light on a side road facing a major highway, when to our left, we saw an 18 wheel tractor trailer approaching the intersection in front of us. That's when we noticed that one of the right rear wheels of the truck literally fell off and started rolling through the intersection along side the truck. As it started to slow, it made a beeline for our Camaro. Unable to go forward on a red light, and vehicles behind us, we could only watch in horror as it got closer, slowing almost to where it started to wobble, and as it barely cleared the front of the car, the wobbling caused it to turn, roll past the passenger door, and come to a complete stop, falling......... ...on the right rear panel of the Camaro right above the wheel well! The tire stood taller than the top of the truck and did quite a bit of extensive damage over and above what was already there, which was an ugly dent. Processed a claim against the Trucking Company and insurance paid for the repairs. Do you have a similar story of two accidents in which one off-set the other? **Added from subsequent post - Thanks Alpo.
  3. California has the most homeless people of any state. Nearly 69 percent of California’s 130,000 homeless individuals were unsheltered, meaning they slept on the streets, in cars or abandoned buildings. It also found California had the highest rate of unsheltered people in the nation.
  4. https://www.fox29.com/news/florida-man-spots-firefighter-running-toward-angel-in-clouds-on-september-11
  5. @Alpo, I'm with you pardner. I have removed many a tree stump by merely digging around it to expose the entire root system, then systematically cutting the roots and voila...no stump problem.
  6. Who needs a truck? Heck...you don't even need a rope or strap. Just use a car!
  7. Photographer Kathy McCraine captures the life and food of chuck wagon cooks on a historic Arizona ranch.
  8. Marshal: Thanks for the pic. Small hands will make things look bigger though. Just kidding.
  9. Hey Marshal - Nice pic of the deer, but let's see a pic of those huge nuts of yours!
  10. I'm more concerned with the driver of the non-self driving car with his cell phone taking the video and not paying attention to the road themselves.
  11. In a previous Post the topic of "tappen" came up. Using my in-depth research and reporting skills, I stumbled on this little know fact, and although I didn't present it back then, here it is now. https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/2013-11/enhanced/webdr02/21/12/enhanced-buzz-25703-1385054305-21.jpg?downsize=800:*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto
  12. Wild Ben, Just talked to the Doc and put in a good word for you. He said one more shot and he should be ready to go. Here's praying for a speedy recovery.
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