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  1. It's... Drinks are on me today! Let Bottles know your favorite. Tequila shots for those who can't decide. Chocolate Milk for @Hells Comin.
  2. The traditional gift given for the 30th wedding anniversary is pearl. I'm assuming you got her something like this: And she got you something like this: Best wishes SDJ and Lisa.
  3. I adhere to the following at all times.
  4. Thanks @Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062, it has arrived here today as well..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars_Day
  5. Florida attorney chides beachgoers on Destin Beach.
  6. And I wouldn't consider Bud (Travolta) as a cowboy, even if it was the urban type.
  8. The City Slicker Cowboy.
  9. Watching old BOND movies will never be the same again! Curse you UB.
  10. Charlie, Practice makes Perfect. Thanks. FK "Cool Gun" G
  11. Turns out you can no longer find this anywhere, either in store or on the Internet. https://www.sciencealert.com/heartburn-medicine-is-selling-out-because-an-ingredient-is-being-studied-as-a-covid-19-treatment
  12. Another COOL find. If you go to a Members' Profile page, you will see the following for example: But double click on the background, and you will discover the full picture! Others are more elaborate: The same goes for their Profile Picture, although most do not reveal anything more, but you'd be surprised. You may even find more surprises: Did you know he was hiding that rifle in the bed of his truck? There are many others out there to find. Happy Hunting.
  13. I know I take a lot of ribbing for having too much time on my hands, but when I present a complicated post, it's because I want to make the best presentation I can. That said, I wouldn't spend a minute on something like this!
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