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  1. My wife has always groomed our two girls (Cocker Spaniels), and when she is finished, we have enough hair for a third one!
  2. Although Napoleon did not design his military outfit.... HE DID HAVE A HAND IN IT.
  3. I have been constantly searching the internet for available ammo for my existing firearms, and like many of you, found the common sizes to either be completely unavailable, or with high, jacked up prices. My thought then went to searching for ammo that was readily available, possibly considering purchasing the appropriate firearm to go with it. That's when Dantankerous created a Post that mirrored that exact thought process. Well, after realizing that wasn't going to solve the problem, I persevered, seeking another source. Searching deep into the bowels of the G
  4. For most of the trip so far there was little discussion amongst the passengers, most likely with each lost in their own thoughts and no one interested in starting meaningless conversation. Chance pulled his hat back over his eyes and settled back as best he could based on the conditions he was being provided. Wasn't long before he fell off to sleep. Father Kit had put the tall man in a cell as UB left the jail with his niece to grab a bite to eat across the street. He then placed the keys that UB had given him, back on the hook behind the desk, before leaving the jail himself. On
  5. LOST One reindeer*. Must be returned by December 24th. If found please call 1.726.822.5287! * and yes, I know it's not a reindeer.
  6. The jarring of the stagecoach on the rock strewn trail, abruptly and without apology, awoke the passenger. Lifting his head slowly while repositioning his hat back to its intended place on his head, he peered through purposefully half-opened eyes at the others that occupied the small cramped coach. Unaware of how long he had dozed off, he pulled his pocket watch from his left vest pocket, rubbing the gold engraved case, before releasing the cover. High noon. That would explain the dust choking, arid atmosphere that permeated the inside of the stagecoach. None of the other passengers appeared
  7. One of my favorites as well. Little known fact, only one of which I have learned over the years. “Africa” is credited to Toto keyboardist/vocalist David Paich and the late drummer Jeff Porcaro. There have been many bands whose songs are performed with the band's designated lead singer; however, one of the band's most familiar songs ends up coming when another band member takes the lead. Such is the case with AFRICA. Another example is the band The CARS. Lead singer was RIC Ocasek; however, one of their popular hits came when band member Benjamin
  8. Thank you all for the SASSpedia breakdown on snake ID. The "funnies" were a nice touch. I did some additional research online, asked the snake several questions, specifically how he got on our property, ie. "Did you cross the border illegally?", to which he didn't respond, of course. Downloaded an APP to assist: Got a reply that it was a "juvenile black racer". Looks like this: My snake looks like this: The closest guess by SASSepedia was the grey rat snake which looks like this: The description of the grey rat snake
  9. It's fate is in your decision. Appears friendly with rounded face.
  10. J. Mark, She was in the check-out lane at our local PUBLIX when I asked her if she wouldn't mind me taking a picture of the back of her shirt, to which she accepted. I did mention that I shoot Cowboy Action which seemed to surprise her.
  11. When Jack and Kit arrived in town, Jack headed straight for the Cafe while Kit pulled up to the Land Office dismounting from Orion and hopping onto the boardwalk with a skip in his step. Without hesitation, he reached for the door to the Office swinging it wide, removing his hat at the same time, turning and gently closing the door behind him. He was glad to be back in town where things were more subdued and normal and he was intent on checking on Venus to make sure she was alright, especially after the gunfight in the SALOON and his taking off after the bank robbers. He missed not having chec
  12. Hopefully your Latte is still hot when you finally get it!
  13. When the men arrived back in town from Hammond's place, Doc, Linn and Jack headed to see Marshall UB. Kit and Jacob left their horses on the outskirts of town, out of sight, behind the Telegraph Office while both dismounting and pulling their long rifles from their scabbards and taking cover on both sides of the street. Keeping a low profile, they each began to move closer to the SALOON where several horses were tethered, as well as in front of the Bank, making sure that the alley spaces between the buildings were not occupied. As Kit approached the Bank, he heard voices, though fain
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