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  1. You may be the "Cool Cat", but it takes being "Hip", to get the ladies!
  2. Pat, I see your two cat pics and raise you a canine video!
  3. #letsleepingdogslie See, dogs are smarter than cats. They know where the comfort is.
  4. We should NEVER forget those who fought in the past for our freedom today.
  5. Pat, Ecstatic that your surgery went well. Just a few things to remember: 1. Take your medicines as prescribed; 2. Let mama take care of you; 3. Know we are all here for you, for whatever you need; 4. Don't skimp on the Physical Therapy; 5. Moving a mouse on your computer, or typing on your phone in the Forums IS NOT considered PT; And on that note, here is a little humor to comfort you during your recovery. And finally, this one came to me compliments of Ms. Allie Mo ....
  6. Hardpan, Thanks for the link. Just signed up.
  7. Pat, Knew you would come through with flying colors, as I put in a special request with the surgeon, that should he mess this up, he'd have to deal with us cowboys and our firearms! Get well soon.
  8. UB, That is soooooo cool. Checking AMAZON now! Thanks.
  9. Marshal, This code comes with a NASTY virus of the same name!
  10. When it comes to only wanting one.....
  11. Since we have so many passwords to remember, one of mine includes COVID-19 as part of the password since it's easy to remember during this pandemic.
  12. The Great Cursive Writing Debate: Lost Art or Vital Skill? https://thewritelife.com/cursive-writing-debate/ How the Ballpoint Pen Killed Cursive https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2015/08/ballpoint-pens-object-lesson-history-handwriting/402205/
  13. It's... Drinks are on me today! Let Bottles know your favorite. Tequila shots for those who can't decide. Chocolate Milk for @Hells Comin.
  14. The traditional gift given for the 30th wedding anniversary is pearl. I'm assuming you got her something like this: And she got you something like this: Best wishes SDJ and Lisa.
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