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  1. COVID-19 social distancing firearm, maybe?
  2. Hardpan, Its either behind the doors of the entertainment unit, setting on the dresser in the bedroom or egads...in the garage! I keep me TV where I can easily see it.
  3. So taking the BEST and WORST case scenarios provided so far..... BEST: 3,000 doses, one for each person = 3,000 appointments Within 2 hours, all those appointments were all handed out. 2 hours = 120 minutes 3,000 appointments x 3 minutes each = 6,000 minutes 6,000 minutes divided by the 120 minutes it took to take all those calls = 50 staffers. WORST: 3,000 appointments x 15 minutes each = 45,000 minutes 45,000 minutes divided by the 120 minutes it took to take all those calls = 375 staffers. Neither of the above appears
  4. How long, on average, do you think it would take for a call worker to take down the necessary information needed to set up an appointment to schedule a senior over 65 for a vaccination. Keep in mind the potential age group involved. If you have already experienced such a phone call, how long did it take you?
  5. The book in question is in the lower right corner of the picture, and the misspelled word is in the lower right corner of the book. That may be what is confusing.
  6. UPDATE: Excerpts from the ORLANDO SENTINEL "Seniors in Lake and other Florida counties overwhelmed websites and phone lines this week looking to get vaccinated." "The state health department in Lake received about 3,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine,..." "Lake initially asked people to call to make appointments, but the health department phone system crashed because so many tried to get through on Tuesday and Wednesday. Lake has about 100,000 people who are 65 and older."
  7. It's sad, but in the coming years, theatres may become a thing of the past. Direct to cable or DVD could be the new norm. Although the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the movie industry, what may be a temporary situation could become permanent. https://variety.com/2020/film/awards/new-oscar-rules-movies-not-in-theaters-1234591702/ Remember Drive-in Theatres.
  8. Enough of this trash talk! Let's keep the conversation clean.
  9. Here in Florida, the Governor put senior citizens 65 and older on the first to get the Vaccine Shots. Lake County decided they would have anyone interested in getting vaccinated, to call and schedule an appointment to get the shot over the next two days. Call in was to start at 9:00am yesterday morning. My wife and I both started calling at 8:45am using our cell phones and after 2 hours and 15 minutes and a combined 902 calls, we finally got in, only to be told the appointments had been filled; however, on Friday and Saturday it would be first come first served! Then late yesterday
  10. It takes 21 consecutive days to form a new habit. Most of the new COVID measures may become part of our normal life; however, I believe, in time, they too will eventually vanish from our daily routines.
  11. J. Mark, Best of luck in your future endeavor. Like the song says....
  12. Doc, Stay strong for her. Will keep you and her in our prayers.
  13. ...for my poinsettia plants I got on sale to turn red?
  14. H.K., Downloaded my copy. WOW...a cast of 43 characters. I thought keeping up with the SALOON characters was tough enough. That Chief Constable of Hornell character sure looks familiar. Thanks for including me in your novel, even though I lost the position of Chief Captain of the Three Kingdoms to Alginon. Hope to jump in soon. Always up for a good western!
  15. As a boy you played with toy planes... and as a teen you moved up to drones... As an adult, you.....
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