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  1. Ms. Allie: I was going to post a picture of an actor. I had remembered in reading the threads that there was someone who used that actor as their avatar. I could not recall the members alias, only that he used this actors' picture for his avatar. I was looking for the member listing so I could scan through the member list and see if I ran across this members avatar. I was trying to be discrete in the search so as not to forewarn the member. Kind of like stealing your thunder, or giving you the punch line before telling the joke. Sedalia Dave provided the impetus to get me where I needed to go; however, with not knowing any part of the alias, searching through the 100,000+ listings would be fruitless. I appreciate your posting the thread that at least provided an answer to where to find the member listings, even though on the old system it was much easier to get to. The advantage I believe with this one is that we now have more sort options to fine tune what or whom we at looking for. Always a pleasure working with you. Things get accomplished. The post above this one is a more detailed version of how to get to the Member listing. (It expounds on Dave's initial post).
  2. Sedalia Dave had the answer to how to get to a members alias. Below are the detailed steps to get there: In the upper left hand corner of the HOME screen you will find the Search Icon. Place your cursor in the Search Window and click. The following screen will appear. Click on the All Content Drop Down Menu and the following choices will appear: Click on the Members choice, and the following will appear: On the OLD System, there was an option to choose members, and you would find the alphabet running across the top of the screen. Choosing a letter of the alphabet would pull up a list of members whose alias begins with that letter, listed in subsequent alphabetical order. With the NEW System, you have to go through this process to choose the letter of the alphabet you seek. If you are looking for a member and you know their alias, you can type in the alias to go directly to that member. If you are searching for someone you do not know their full alias, but know what it begins with you can enter the first letter here. Then choose the icon, and the following screen will appear. The number of members with that letter of the alphabet will appear and provide you with tabs to progress through them as shown below. You can narrow your search by clicking on the + More search options which brings up the following screen: Unclick any you do not want in order to narrow your search. Obviously searching with a portion of the name yields fewer results: HOPE THIS HELPS EVERYONE.
  3. Cypress: I appreciate the invitation. My intentions are to use the Lake County Pistoleros match on the 18th as my first official shoot. I haven't even had a chance to practice with my firearms, which I intend to do this weekend and next. I've mostly dry-fire practiced in the house. My schedule has been so hectic that I am really trying to get ready for the 18th. I may see if I can fit the 4th of March in my schedule to come and shoot with your club in Orlando on that day to get extra practice before hitting my first Major Match with the Ides of March. You and Cypress Sun have been wonderful in your kinship with a newcomer to the sport, and it is greatly appreciated.
  4. Mr. Kid: Here it is. I went with the canvas shotgun belt with a black leather stop on it. HalfBreed Don added three (3) 38 caliber slots. I guess he anticipated I might need them. A wise Cowboy he is.
  5. Mr. Clem: I'm with Mr. Longcolt and would like to know what the easiest way to accomplish this task on our own?
  6. Below is my original post when I first inquired about getting a holster. ​(Includes a pic of what I was trying to go for in a gun belt/holster design.) http://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=251887
  7. Mr. Griff: Thank you for the insight into the relationship between tanned leather and brass ammo casings. Mr. Ranger: I must confess, that I was completely unaware, and no one told me, I actually used CCI Blazer aluminum cased ammo to compliment the color scheme that I was looking for. Unfortunately, now everyone knows, but sometimes you fall into the right decisions hap-hazardously. Thank you for catching that for me as well.
  8. Mr. Ranger: 38 Special / What are you referring to in this statement?
  9. As a Christmas present, my lovely wife took me down to CLASSIC LEATHER WORKS to meet with Half-Breed Don to have my custom leatherwork done. Don came highly recommended by: After spending considerable time talking about the different styles and showing me the methods he uses to ensure a quality product, along with what I was looking for in a set of holsters, a final decision was made. Just recently they were completed, and I couldn't be more pleased with their construction and how they look, as they exceeded not only my expectations of what they would eventually look like, but they fit my alias perfectly. See for yourself: Thanks Don for the beautiful craftsmanship. A true artist. ​Thank you Jersey Bird & Cypress Sam for recommending Don. And Lots of Hugs and Kisses for my lovely wife. I'm ready to shoot!!!!
  10. Does anyone know if these were purchased on-line during the Annual Winchester rebate timeframe, could you get the rebate for the 10 boxes? Website states they are sold by the case; however, it does state that there are 10 boxes in the case. The receipt from the website may not suffice. Has anyone tried and successfully ordered ammunition online and filed for a rebate from a manufacturer?
  11. Ms. Allie: When I first learned of Cowboy Action Shooting and the SASS Organization, I attended a match at our local gun range (Eustis Gun Club) where the Lake County Pistoleros call HOME. Finding an interest in joining the fun, I went through the normal steps of (1) becoming a member of the Eustis Gun Club, (2) applying for membership with the NRA, and (3) becoming a member of SASS. Reason (1) was necessary to shoot at the range. Reason (2) was necessary to become a member of the Eustis Gun Club. Reason (3) was necessary to shoot CAS and obtain an alias. However, there were more important reasons to join SASS and that was to have the ability to learn from fellow pards who have been doing this for some time, and gleaning the information they can provide to a new shooter. Price of a set of Ruger Vaqueros - $1,300.00, price of Stoeger Shotgun - $500.00, information on the SASS WIRE - PRICELESS.
  12. Abe: I will call Georgia Arms today to get on their list. I know they have a spot on their website to get emailed when stock is available; however, I rarely trust that I will get notified. As for a reloading partner, I will take your advise and find a fellow shooter that shoots and reloads 38 special ammo and have them tutor me in the reloading process. Thank you for the suggestions.
  13. Mr. Riot: Thread has been posted to the Team SASS page. I had completely forgot about that section of the Forums.
  14. It's a great day in AMERICA and an end to his regime. Although this ban only pertains to Federal Lands, it could have easily involved us (SASS). You can read the article here: https://www.nraila.org/articles/20170120/obama-says-goodbye-to-america-s-gun-owners-with-a-likely-short-lived-lead-ammo-ban
  15. Hyespeed: Just like you, I went with the Ruger Vaqueros, SASS Consecutive Serial Numbers, in 357/38 Special. These are awesome firearms, even though I have yet to shoot mine. (Going to the range this weekend to shoot them). Most of the pards on the WIRE will tell you the same thing they suggest to all newcomers, and that is to not wait to go to a match and shoot. There will be plenty of fellow shooters that will offer you guns to shoot until you decide and acquire your own. Knowledge is Power and you will also find the information that can be gleaned from the WIRE is truly invaluable. The combined experience of your fellow SASS members will help you greatly. I like the quote from Chief Tecumseh, a Native American of the Shawnee tribe who said: “A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong.”
  16. It's a great day in AMERICA and an end to his regime. Although this ban only pertains to Federal Lands, it could have easily involved us. (SASS) You can read the article here: https://www.nraila.org/articles/20170120/obama-says-goodbye-to-america-s-gun-owners-with-a-likely-short-lived-lead-ammo-ban
  17. Mr. Blue: I had previously gone to this website; however, they are out of stock. It appears that getting inexpensive Cowboy loads has a demand bigger than the supply. Mr. Callaway: Coming to the conclusion that this is going to be the best route, especially if I am going to keep my brass until I get into reloading. Mr. Deal: My plan is indeed to find someone who reloads at our club and make arrangements to get with them and learn the process. Would it be advisable to find someone who uses the same brand (not necessarily the same model) of loading equipment (ie. Lyman, Dillon, etc.) or is it more about the process itself I should be concerned with? Mr. Brules: Thank you for the guidance above, and certainly something I will look into and consider. Mr. Callaway: Always an alternative. Another way to recoup my costs should I not decide to reload. Mr. Griff: Can't tell you how many times I have read that advise to new shooters, and I must agree with you that time wasted is time lost. I'm definitely motivated to get to my first match. Thank you for the friendly push, always appreciated. There are no words I can convey for the impressive response I have received to all my questions as they come from those experienced in the field and comes as advise that could not be found on the Internet. The responses are quick and the WIRE forum is the best tool a new shooter can have.
  18. Thanks guys. Although it's not what I wanted to hear, it's what I needed to hear. I know in a previous thread I started (Oh Ammo, Where Art Thou - 01.04.2017), I stated: "I like the $ .25 cost per round figure and would be interested if anyone has found anything close to that figure for 500 rounds. It may be wishful thinking on my part, a kind of cow-pie in the sky thought, but look forward to your input to see who can find the best ammo at the lowest price." I was specifically looking for the least expensive 38 special lead round nose 158 gr ammo that others have purchased, and the ammo that was suggested was by Prvi Partizan, (a Serbian manufacturer of ammunition and hand loading components, based in Užice, Serbia founded in 1928) with a price of $129.50 for a 500 round case. I wasn't too thrilled about the brand itself (please correct me if I am wrong in my own opinion), and found that CCI Blazer could be purchased for $128.90 for 500 rounds; however, they come in an aluminum casing. ​ If anyone has had any experience with the brand Prvi Partizan please let me know your thoughts, and if you don't reload and purchase, which is the brand and location where you purchase your ammo, if you don't mind revealing your source.
  19. Pards: Although I am not yet into reloading, shucks, haven't shot a match yet; however, when I do, I will be purchasing my ammo in the marketplace (local retail or most likely online) and saving all my casings for that time when I get into reloading. My question is this, what are the pros and cons of using aluminum casings versus brass casings for reloading? I don't want to be purchasing thousands of rounds of ammo in aluminum only to find out when I get to reloading that I shouldn't have relied on them to be a viable source for reloading. I'm not sure of all the particulars of reloading, and therefore need those of you who do reload, to give me your honest opinion. Does it even make a difference which one I use? Is it a matter of one being able to sustain multiple reloads over the other? Then there is the question of shooting in a match with bullets that have aluminum casings. Will I see any variations in the bullet trajectory, recoil, gun barrel residue, etc. with all other facets being equal? Lastly, (and this question may be answered by one of the above), will there be any significant differences in shooting aluminum casings in Revolvers versus Lever Action Rifle? I understand, this is a lot to absorb; however, I want to start off on the right track.
  20. Mr. Marine: I like to treat mine like a passport. You never know when a Territorial Governor or US Marshall will stop you and your cart and ask for your ID. You could end up....
  21. Mr. Gunner: I take my card and laminate it with one of those sheets of laminate where you peel off the back and put two pieces together. Makes the card "durable". Mr. Miles: I always carry my SASS card with me, and use it as a promotional item when talking Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) with those unfamiliar with it. They get to see my Alias, and the cool SASS Logo always gets them asking for more information. I even have videos of our Pistolero members on my phone that I can show them what the action is all about. Always enjoy sharing with others.
  22. Mr. Parker: Is there a reputable leather works within driving distance of where you live? The reason I ask, is that I am a new shooter also, although I have not yet attended and shot at a match. My concern with either mail order or trying holsters on myself, such as you are doing, is that I would not have that one on one with the experienced leather works person. I therefore, looked for someone near me and found Classic Leather Works in Altoona, Florida and with my wife, met with the owner, Half-Breed Don. What a pleasure it was to talk CAS with a veteran shooter, and learn all the valuable information that could not have been obtained through any other means, other than face to face. He showed me various styles of holsters, we talked about what category I would be shooting in, what guns I would be using, etc. I was able to try on various styles of gun belts/holsters, learn of their specific characteristics, and more importantly, have the design and construction of the rig explained and visually shown to me. With examples of lesser quality rigs on hand, Don was able to show me the drastic differences between lower quality materials and the materials he uses. The same went for the shotgun belt. My rig fits like I was born with it on. And the quality is beyond what I expected. Don has guaranteed that this rig is built to last and it is reflected in the finished product. I no longer have to worry about saying " If I could do it all over again, I would choose to meet with a leather works person face to face". Best to you in your endeavor for a great fitting, great looking rig.
  23. Mr. Smokestack: Point well taken. My initial goal is to practice (1) with the least amount of cost, and (2) get a visual idea of where I am aiming and hitting.
  24. Misters Hanger, Riot & Gritz: My plan is to build these units using paper targets. (40#- 60# kraft paper) ​ I have a design that is intended to incorporate a target easily into the stand, but we'll see once completed. My intent also is to paint the PVC (color to be determined later) to eliminate the distraction of the color white and to provide protection from the sun. I do understand that if they get hit, they will shatter; however, the section that gets hit can easily be replaced as the pieces will not be glued together. In addition, I plan to only build one at first to see (1) if it works as a viable target stand, (2) the amount of time and ease it will take to replace a broken section, and (3) obviously if I am hitting it too often, I will need to move on to a more durable product. It should help also that I will only be aiming at one target for starters, where with multiple targets and moving back and forth between them, I would expect, in the beginning, to be missing the target and damaging the target stand. Regardless of my ramblings, all of your input is, of course, greatly appreciated. As a note, once built and tested on the range, I will post the results: " The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY". I will accompany them with pictures. All of this is part of my documented journey into the realm of Cowboy Action Shooting.
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