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  1. ALL: I knew I shouldn't have opened Pandora's reloading box.....accessories. It's enough to make your head Powder Bars....Spare Parts Kits....Bullet trays...Case Gauges...Scale...Pick up Tubes....Calipers...Case Cleanser....Case/Media Separator...Polishing Media (Walnut hull?? and Corn Cob??).... Maybe I should open an auto repair shop, just need wrenches, pliers and a hammer? LOL
  2. See how much I still don't know yet. I guess I should have stayed in school and got learn't more. Listen Pards....this is a lot of information you have provided me, and you can be assured that I will research them all. Based on what I am hearing, I just may be in reloading mode sooner than I think. I have a Birthday coming up and maybe I can convince my lovely bride to surprise me. Thanks you everyone....SO FAR... that has responded. Keep the resources coming, especially those that you are familiar with and recommend.
  3. Mr. Magoats: Thank you for the quick reply and the wonderful loading information for future reference. If I did my math right, a 1LB bottle at 158see note below grain per round would yield 44 rounds. To load 500 rounds I would need 79,000 grains or 12 1 LB bottles of Bullseye = $312.00. For primers, only 500 would be needed = $18.00. Adding these two figures to the 500 casings and 500 bullets, the total would be $414.00 or $ .83/round. I am not familiar with reloading, so if I did the grains calculation wrong, please let me know, but this appears to be more expensive based on t
  4. I’m now ready to start practicing with my firearms at the range. I’ve read most of the recent threads regarding the advantages of reloading your own ammo, which will be an option I will pursue at a later date, for several reasons, (1) lack of funds to invest in the equipment, (2) acquiring the knowledge to effectively load my own ammo, without hurting myself in the process, and (3) lack of time it will require to do so. Any or all of these reasons can account for newbies to initially decide to purchase their ammo. There is a trust factor involved when shooting firearms for the first time,
  5. The answer might be as simple as having your number one posse shoot and hit where the bowing isn't, as they should be that accurate, and if not, they get a penalty. LOL
  6. I'm visiting with my father-in-law and he brought out a bucket of old ammo to see if I was interested in any of it. Most all of it was too old for my taste to shoot not knowing what kind of damage might occur when shot out of my new firearms. Here are two photos if anyone can tell me what kind they are as I have never seen this type before. Appreciate your help and MERRY CHRISTMAS. http://i1305.photobucket.com/albums/s547/fatherkitcoolgungarth/bullet2_zpsw99dfsnw.jpg http://i1305.photobucket.com/albums/s547/fatherkitcoolgungarth/bullet1_zpszddx4l5e.jpg NOTE: Hopefully I've got them
  7. True West Magazine emailed a link to their website listing the following interesting list of CAS Firearms: Best Cowboy Action Pistol Taylor’s Smokewagon Taylor’s & Co.’s exclusive second-generation, stagecoach-style, single-action revolver, The Smoke Wagon, has a blue finish with a case-hardened frame, and a thin, richly detailed, checkered grip for comfort and improved aim. The Smoke Wagon is an exclusive, trademarked sidearm of the Winchester, Virginia, firearm company. The deluxe Smoke Wagon includes custom tuning, a custom hammer and base pin springs, a trigger pull set at
  8. As Rooster Ron Wayne stated: "But then again . Not everyone gets in to this game to be a top shooter. Its all about having fun, playing Cowboy, and Injoying Friends." This is exactly where I approach all of my postings, and in my threads. There are two (2) aspects to Cowboy Action Shooting, Competition, and Comradery. For those like me who are still getting ready to "jump" into the action after acquiring our firearms, we are first trying not to look like a fool and get through a stage clean, and then we can savor the cowboy atmosphere with our fellow pards.
  9. Hey Pards: Got an email from True West Magazine indicating there was an auction yesterday with rare Henry & Winchester Rifles available. The auction was held by Altermann Galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I tried to put this information on the SASS WIRE yesterday; however, as many of you know, there were issues with the Website Certificate and I was unable to get to the WIRE to list it. I'm assuming that the majority of us have not struck it rich with enough gold dust to afford these items which were listed with starting bids from $5,200 to $25,000. Although the auction has su
  10. Sgt. Hockbauer: First, let’s remember the number one reason for joining SASS and shooting in your local Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) Club…COMRADERY. It’s a time to get together, meet new people and talk about your passion for shooting vintage, albeit clone, firearms and dressing like a cowboy. Of course we would all like to be the fastest, but when you are just starting out, that should be the last thing on your mind or you will surely fail. As a newcomer to CAS, I can tell you that I have met several shooters who have given up on the sport, willing to sell their firearms and get into s
  11. Well I'm getting close to the purchase of my revolvers (maybe for Fathers Day) and have used the resources of the SASS Forums, the Cowboy Chronicle advertisers and the Internet to look at holsters. When I start shooting, I will most likely be shooting in the Senior Category for my first year, then move to the Silver Senior the next year. I would also like to eventually shoot in the Senior Duelist and Senior Gunfighter categories once I become more proficient and comfortable with my shooting. With all the different types of holsters, is there one that would be applicable to the three (3) cate
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