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  1. Please tell me the rest of the building name is....Schulz!
  2. .... but, then I thought it would be in bad taste!
  3. Before reading these two posts, I wasn't sure if they were related in some way.
  4. ... and since we're going full circle, the second cartoon posted. Courtesy of Michigan Slim
  5. Alien pods. One took a hit to the head.
  6. Didn't work for me when I tried this morning. Got this instead....
  7. WWHD? Of course..... he'd get......
  8. DeaconKC, Looks like one of them there tiny houses. Don't rush to fill it up too soon as it will make a great place to stay when you're religated to the dog house.
  9. My wife inherited her brother's Mossberg 395KB bolt action shotgun. Came with a four (4) load magazine. She stated that it had not been fired very much in its life, just stored away. The bolt action is very stiff and tends to get stuck when working the action. Never worked on or cleaned this type of shotgun before and would like to find a video or some sort of instructions on the steps to take and the products to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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