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  1. When the tide comes in, the crabs scoop the soaked sand into their mouths filtering the microscopic food.
  2. Or maybe just in your wooded back yard! Anyone tell me what use to be covering this one?
  3. ... there are winners, and there are.. ...losers.
  4. My wife and I were just discussing this at breakfast yesterday morning while pouring syrup (yes, Mrs. Butterworth) over our pancakes. We decided to keep the bottles and when we buy Log Cabin syrup next time, we'll just fill our Mrs. Butterworth bottle and let the tradition live on!
  5. Please tell me the rest of the building name is....Schulz!
  6. .... but, then I thought it would be in bad taste!
  7. Before reading these two posts, I wasn't sure if they were related in some way.
  8. ... and since we're going full circle, the second cartoon posted. Courtesy of Michigan Slim
  9. Alien pods. One took a hit to the head.
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