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  1. Howdy! Talked to Hank and are all set to Ship!
  2. I’ll take the pair of stainless steel 357 mags with the brass sights for $1300! I’m also interested in one of the rifles if you are willing to split the pair. please email me at moetvader357@gmail.com
  3. do any of you casters drop your bullets into water to "harden" them out of the mold? is this a thing that actually makes a difference?
  4. Are you interested in buying the lightning that I posted pictures of. Seems like just what you were looking for.



    1. Moe T Vator

      Moe T Vator

      Howdy Bill!


      Sorry for the delay. I am bouncing all over the country getting ready to go. 


      Yes. I’m very interested. Gun looks like it’s exactly right. 


      Would you take $425?


      Please call or text me as I am away from my computer most days. 





    2. Turquoise Bill, SASS #39118

      Turquoise Bill, SASS #39118

      Sorry sold it locally for the $475.00



    3. Moe T Vator

      Moe T Vator

      No worries. 

      Please keep me posted if anymore come across your path. 

  5. Howdy Moe T.

    This is Willy B' I shot with you at Dulzura last month. I have one of these perfected models and they are proofed for smokeless, The NYPD requested these from S&W as too many of their officers were having their revolvers popped open during fights, so they wanted two actions to take place to open it, They were built on hand ejector frames not topbreak frames.

    If you want to look at one I can bring it out to Dulzura on Saturday.

    Willy B'

    1. Moe T Vator

      Moe T Vator

      Howdy Willy,


      I missed the shoot this past month as I was at sea chasing pirates. I would really like to check it out next month if you can bring it by! 



    2. Willy B.SASS#26902

      Willy B.SASS#26902

      probably going to have to wait until May but if you let me know I'd be happy to bring it out, I'll be over on Oahu when we have next months shoot, I'm depending on you to keep the pirates in check until I get back.

      Willy B'

    3. Moe T Vator

      Moe T Vator

      HA! ok.

      I will be shooting in corona and cajon this weekend too! get excited!!

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