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  1. Thank y’all fir all the good points. I’ll be needing the whole rifle ;)
  2. the competition model had a flat pad/plate i had a beretta. great rifle
  3. Howdy Y'all, I am searching for a STOCK: Uberti 1873 lever action rifle 20'' barrel straight stock with flat butt-plate (preferred) 45 LC /357 Mag Thanks
  4. I have GOEX powder, balls, 1000's of wonder wads, and approximately 2500 Remington No.10's

  5. Howdy! do you have any of the reloading supplies for the navies?
  6. This is really cool! Can you post a picture of the action open?
  7. If we use these at RR Bar we could touch the targets!
  8. This is a side by side of the strait vs pistol grip stock. Very different shape to the trigger group assembly. Ok
  9. Why does it matter? the point here is if you’re going to spend money to get a gun tuned then it should be put in your hand verified ready to go.
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