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  1. No idea, probably on the side of a mountain in Norway knowing her mama. But the world will know when she makes her first Rabble yell!
  2. Thank you:) BTW baby Mavin is due in January
  3. Howdy All, What are you using to get your ammo from the house to the match and from the guncart to the firing line? Specific ammo carriers or just old army ammo cans? Loading blocks, empty crown royal bags, a pocket, your cleavage? Please share pictures and descriptions.
  4. Probably a longer explanation than what can be told here, but can they be fitted to a NMV with hand tools or does it require cutting and welding?
  5. Long range. Hunting. Or just good fun! Make me an offer
  6. If shipped. Both guns will come in Ruger’s hard cases
  7. Correct. Just a hard case for shipping
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