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  1. You are right we were both at WA state last week and we are both shooting an annual shoot this weekend but he will has limited service I’ll try to show him the post one I get up there
  2. Mudflat Mike had a really nice one with a splinter for-end for a fair price at WA state reach out to him great pard to deal with I’ve bought several from him over the years
  3. Someone will be getting a great starter package with that deal if I had the coin I’d jump on it buddy
  4. Hey Bob what did you do with the set you had bro?
  5. WCC is the old military match grade headstamp good brass not shot through machine guns
  6. I’ll take them PM me your info pard
  7. Do I hear you my wife is telling me to bite the bullet and sell my Ruger old Armies and quit drooling
  8. Pair of 7.5’s all slicked up by the same guy that did mine they are race ready pard
  9. I prefer my 416 Taylor great big boy rifle but that 375 will get r done
  10. Boy howdy this is a fine pair of pistols for darn sure!
  11. Good set I’ve shot them
  12. Oh yes love this time of year always 2-3 each time you call them in
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