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  1. I think it's 55. Not looking at it right this moment. Here's a pic compared to the 5.5.
  2. Thanks for the opinions. I'm still kinda on the fence, but I'm leaning to modify it. I know Vaqueros are not really "collectable" to some people. I will say that I had an active search on gunbroker for 2 years before I found a set of 38-40 convertible Vaqueros. I paid less than you can get New Vaqueros at todays prices. The guys at the gunshop kinda razzed me. Not a big deal to me because I was smiling the entire time! In fact, I'm still smiling! The prices for them have really gone up since I found the set I have now. So maybe they are hoarded or just really desirable to a small group of people. Not necessarily collectable, but the market is thin with inventory. I'm not gonna jump to fast in this instance regardless. Maybe I will find another 6.5 model or something. IDK. I guess this is just another part of the game that is fun to me.
  3. I recently bought a Vaquero on line. It didn't have the best picture. Short story is it's a 6.5 inch NRA model and I was hoping for a 5.5 inch model in CCH. I already have one in 5.5 and was gonna make a set. It's in great shape but I would say it has been shot. Are the NRA models collectable? I just want a shooter and now I'm on the fence about using this one. I don't want to open up the rear sight and put a sbh hammer on this among other changes if it is truly a rare gun. Another issue is my holsters are set up for 5.5 old models and I'll need a new holster for the purchase. Not a huge deal but just another thing against modifying it. What do you think?
  4. I've used the mixture Prairie Dawg mentioned. I drained the liquid into small canning containers when it was still warm. The seal on the containers actually depressed to my surprise. Still have some packed away that I made up about two years ago. I just warm up a chunk of it and then soak it up in a felt pad. Punch whatever caliber I need out of the felt pad for cartridges. There's some waste but I have plenty. I forget what I read at the time, but I bought some 100% wool felt to make the patches. I've not shot a lot compared to the black powder shooters here. Worked pretty well for me though. If you'd like to try some out send me a PM. I have more than I need. It was a fun project though.
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