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  1. Hi Texas ShaDi. I have 2 pairs of Altamont thin grips in Rosewood, I think. I thin them down more and recess a little above the half moon checkering. I have several sets this way and ended up with these extra somehow. I included a picture of a New Vaquero with a different set for reference. I'd ship them for $140 if interested. They've never been on any pistols or used other than thinning them.
  2. Yep. I bought a set of consecutive off GB a few years back. With the price of Vaqueros now, I paid MSRP for a for an average New Model. I remember the guys at the gun shop giving me a hard time about it when I picked them up. Now a set of 5.5 inchers with octagon barrels sounds pretty awesome too though! I understand the "want" of getting a set in this caliber. I had a search on GB for quite sometime. Best of luck to you Dan! Hope your project turns out great.
  3. RMR Bullets https://www.rmrbullets.com/shop/rmr-in-house/casting-lead-from-rmr-jacketed-bullet-cores-approximately-12-brinnel-hardness/ These guys say they are behind in shipping. I ordered some lead about 2 weeks ago and most of it is here now. One box is at the post office. The mail lady asked me to get it..... It comes about half and half of rifle bullet noodles and bullet cores. The lead is perfect for casting. No messing with ingots. Delivered to your door for around $1.50 per pound.
  4. Big thanks to Griff. I can understand that reasoning. It also clears up anyone that asks about a revolver having a live round in it. Understanding the reasoning makes it easier to explain when sometimes emotions can be elevated. This will make it easier if I happen to be giving or receiving the bad news. Hopefully it will help others as well if they stumbled across this thread I really, really enjoy this game. I also work fairly hard at it when I can. I have learned a lot because of it and made lifetime REAL friends because of SASS. I definitely don't want to move on because I don't
  5. Ok. I'm actually done questioning this one here. It's nothing I'm losing sleep over or anything. I've not had the MDQ called on me or anything to this point. I've earned some calls in the past! Just not this one. I figured this was a good place to question it before actually asking a TG to bring it up. I thought there would be a solid reason I'm missing. I just haven't seen it to this point.
  6. Idk. The whole that decision was made years ago deal. If it was too many years ago, the action HAD to be open on a long gun when set down.... There's room to question this I think. Things get changed at times and I don't think it's bad to challenge the status quo either.
  7. Haha! That's funny. Pretty sure I saw a leg twitching on that horse. Better hit it one more time!
  8. I'm 100% with always give the shooter the benefit of the doubt. Basically the only gun I can think of looking at without disturbing is a 73. So why the difference in a live round partially chambered rather than just calling it a live round ready to go into battery in an open action? To be clear I don't disagree with anything stated in this thread and I enjoy the rules! I actually have already had the argument in a drive back home with my shotgun riders from a match. I sided on the same points made by others here so far. The only thing concerning to me is the difference
  9. Ok. I see what your saying. Still not 100% with you. How would someone look at a Marlin or a 97 without moving the long gun if it was set down with the ejection port down?
  10. I could probably clarify just a little more from the above. There's a live round ready to go into battery in a long gun with the action open. Whether the tip of the bullet is in the chamber or not doesn't change anything in safety that I can think of. I might be off on this and I'm trying to understand the difference in penalty.
  11. Garrison Joe I understand what you are saying regarding the round not being in the chamber by the time the long gun is taken to the unload table. It actually falls right in line with my question though. You could have a really engaged RO and spotters that didn't get confused. They could stop the shooter from retrieving the long gun at the line. Then they could get a magnifying glass out to see if the tip is in or not. That happens sometimes. Mostly my experience is the round is found at the unload table. Folks get confused because something "wrong" happened. Shooter retrieves guns, heads to th
  12. Hey Widder. From the one time I've seen this happen with a Marlin. It wasn't really a matter of extraction or ejection. Shooter just shot 9 rounds and set the rifle down on the ejection port. The only way it made it to the unload table was it just about had to be partially chambered. That's not really voo doo magic or anything. Not really my point either. The point I'm trying to understand is it could be a SDQ by perception or fact. It could also be a MSV if you aren't a hard ass. Did safety really change either way? The action was open and the gun was restaged properly other than
  13. The safety of the situation would really be no different either. Whether the long gun was looked at closely on the firing line or not as well. As long as the action is open.
  14. I understand the difference in penalty. Why? It's extremely subjective once the long gun has made it to the unload table.
  15. I was reading the wire and another thread reminded me of a question I had some time ago. Exactly what is the difference between a round in the chamber or round on the carrier of an OPEN action? Is just the tip of the bullet, half the case or the whole case a round in the chamber? Before making judgement think about it for just a sec. We have different type of rifles and shotguns in this game. I've seen out of batteries before in rifles, the whole case was clearly not in the rifle. Generally speaking a round on the carrier in a 73 is enclosed and can't go anywhere other than in the
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