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  1. Words of wisdom - Ditto on the brakes! My first season shooting I made my cart out of a jogging stroller. I attended Guns of August one of my first larger matches. My cart was a work in progress and I hadn’t got to adding breaks yet. I was excited to see what posse I would be on so I headed up to the top of the hill where the posse assignment we’re posted. I left the cart, went over found my posse and all of the sudden I hear the dreaded word STAMPEDE! I turned around to see what the commotion was and there was my cart racing down the hill uncontrollably towards the town! Knowing I couldn’t catch it started my walk of shame down the hill. As it Reached max speed it slammed into the hotel inches from Deuce Stevens and his wife! The good things were, it didn’t hit anyone, my guns stayed perfectly in place and I got to meet Deuce Stevens! I had dinner with Deuce and his wife that night at the banquet and had a good laugh, nice feller for not putting a bounty on my head LOL.
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