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  1. Frank Leaman was shooting short stroked Colts, but he was the only one. NO ONE was shooting light loads, you couldn't but any .38 bullets lighter than a 158 GR bullet that would feed in a rifle. A few folks used 148 GR wad cutters in their six-guns but not many. McCandless: Thanks for the memories.
  2. Just for the records, I am currently shooting Great Western IIs and have been since 2004. I shot Colts up until that time starting in the mid 1980s. I had my picture in the Colt Catalog twice in the 90's because Colt thought it was pretty interesting that I was competing with Colt's manufactured over a hundred years apart One made in 1875 and the other manufactured in 1981. I would still be shooting the Colt's, but the Great Westerns are much prettier and the Munden action jobs on them make them a dream to shoot. BTW: All my SAs are in .45 Colt Hope I didn't disappoint you Happy Jack.
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