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  1. The Spaniard is a stand up pard to business with. Anyone else have an opportunity to deal with him will not be disappointed..
  2. Winchester 1897, 16 gauge, take down model, E series, 30" full choke barrel, very good bore, made in 1919, serial number 663,xxx. The take down extension locks up tight to the receiver with no movement, comes apart and goes together easy. Nice patina on the metal, wood forearm is good, stock has one hair line crack in top right of wrist as can be seen in the picture. Action is very smooth and ejects very well, the only thing it needs is ammo. $825 delivered to your FFL in lower 48. If you want the barrel shortened and a new #4 brass bead sight added before I ship it, the cost is $55. This one really is a SWEET 16! Note, it is my policy that when I sell a gun if it is not what I say it is I will take it back and if it is received in the same condition as you received it I will give you a choice of a refund, minus shipping, or assist you to find a replacement. First person to post on this ad that they will take it, gets it. BE AWARE THAT THE EMAIL ASSOCIATED WITH THIS AD DOES NOT WORK. Therefore you have to pm me or email me at outlawgambler@gmail.com if you have questions. Payment is by USPS or Bank money order or Bank certified check, personal check from CAS members, or credit card only. An FFL is required for me to ship to. It can accompany payment or can be emailed to me at the above address. You must acquire the FFL, I won't.
  3. I am proud to announce that I am a dealer for Siminoff Jee Parts and now have in stock the new QuikLoader taper tool. Price is $79.95 plus shipping of $6.50. This item is SASS legal and is for 12 gauge shells. Comes with full printed instructions with pictures that clearly walk you thru the process. Works on MEC Jr, MEC 650 and 9000 progressive presses, and other similar presses. These can be purchased on my web site at this link https://classicoldwestarms.com/product-category/winchester-1897-parts/?product-page=1 OR you can email me at outlawgambler@gmail.com and place an order if you want to pay by check or money order. Thanks for looking.
  4. Click on the link below to open my web site. Scroll down to Norinco/IAC parts and click on the picture. Most of the screws that are used in these guns are listed. These screws are metric threaded and will not work in the Winchesters as they are american standard threaded and visa versa. I may not have everything listed so if you need something and don't see it, ask and I may have it. https://classicoldwestarms.com/shop/
  5. I have a nice model 12 for sale, I have not shot it but the action works and the metal and wood finish is very good, but a couple of small scratches on the stock. Price is $495 plus shipping of $45. REPLYING TO THIS AD WILL NOT REACH ME UNTIL THE NEXT TIME I GET ON THE SASS SITE. EMAIL ME AT outlawgambler@gmail.com. Payment by USPS or bank money order or personal check if you are a CAS member.
  6. 32 caliber, .313, 115 grain, FP. I will sell them in lots of 100 for $40.00 delivered. I will also trade these 115 grain for a 76 grain 32 cal, even steven. Again please send replys and orders to outlawgambler@gmail.com Payment methods accepted will be USPS and bank money order or personal check.
  7. BRASS IS SOLD!!!! Four boxes of 50 rounds of 32-20 brass. 50 rounds de-primed and 150 still have spent primers, all with Winchester head stamps. I have no idea how many times they were fired, I have not used them and they are not needed so hopefully they will find a new home with some one that needs them. $25.00 per box delivered. You must email me at outlawgambler@gmail.com to place an order. This forum does not allow my email to be primary for contact, it goes to email heaven and I never see it. Payment by USPS or bank money order or personal check.
  8. Four boxes, all are unlined, all have both locks that work. All will hold 4.65" and 5.5" barrels and either plow handle or bisley grips. You can state your preference by the serial number on each box. Take one, or take them all. Here is how to buy them. Most importantly, ALL communications regarding this ad MUST be initiated by you by sending the inquiry to me at outlawgambler@gmail.com. To purchase send me which you want to purchase. Earliest email time stamp wins. I accept credit cards, USPS money orders, Bank money orders and from CAS members a personal check. Price per box is $20 delivered.
  9. ALL SOLD, THANK YOU. Each set comes with screws. No chips, cracks or other damage at all. First "I will take set #" EMAILED TO ME AT outlawgambler@gmail.com gets them. Payment by USPS money order, bank money order, personal check ok from CAS members. I will reply to your email message with payment info. Set #1, $100.00 delivered Set #2, SOLD Set #3, SOLD Set #4, SOLD
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