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  1. Rye have you had a chance to shoot your newest toy?
  2. How come only under weight and skinny guys sell nice things?
  3. Thanks We really enjoyed last year's shoot
  4. Your pants will be wore out by the time you get them. You better order another pair now
  5. I need more pockets and suspenders
  6. Thunder Creek Kid when is the annual OVV shoot this year? July ? thanks CATLOW
  7. You wouldn't look good driving a Cadillac
  8. If you are supporting three other families then you had better claim them as deductions
  9. Tyrel Is the length of pull factory stock? Thanks CATLOW
  10. Park your car and walk that will show them
  11. My checking account is special when there is money in it
  12. Russia has made the stacking dolls for years now they are making knives that stack
  13. Rye Miles you need to spend some money on a good rain coat ha ha
  14. Rye No my name is not Rye Miles there is only one Rye Miles I can see your reasoning for not shooting in the rain The fun level really goes down hill in a hurry ,when it is raining. See Ya on the Range. CATLOW
  15. Can't make the April shoot but looking forward to the May shoot Unless it's Raining I hope everyone has survived the winter Catlow
  16. Hey I can draw a pistol with my 70 year old wrist can't you . If my wrist touches a hand gun grip panel when hanging naturally at the end of my arms
  17. Catlow4697

    38 S&W

    Thanks J BarBinks I will give it a try
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