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  1. I am looking forward to seeing and shooting with everyone Are you going to bring Rye with you? Did you name your new Cap guns Smoke And Boom? Catlow
  2. By the time you get that old you won't remenber if you are married or not.
  3. When I was cooking at the Fire Station the smoke alarm was just outside the kitchen doorway My crew knew when the smoke alarm went off the food was on the table The three rules for dinner were: Make a lot Make it hot Serve it late
  4. Thanks Pat it is hard to keep up with all the new and old tricks people try to pull on us
  5. Some day Rye that guy will be you
  6. My Mother learned to cook from her Mother When the food is smoking its cooking when it's black it's done
  7. Just Me but if you call me and I don't answer and you don't leave a message Sorry for your luck because I will not call you back. I look at the calls this way if your call is important leave a message . Some days 6 or more robo calls . If you answer , then hang up that just tells the computer that this is an active number and your number is called again . I got phone calls from a number one number away from mine I didn't answer it then the next call was one number farther away. this whet on for days
  8. The lession here is don't hide behind a door Looks like this door was a thin metal clad door 45 years ago I shot an abandoned car with some deer slugs . Don't hide in or behind a car
  9. This is what happens when you drive on the other side of the road. this takes a professional driver with a CDL to accomplish
  10. I like the 4.62 length on Ruger Vaquero but everyone likes different lengths I have from 3 1/2 to 7 1/2 Birdsheads , Plowhandle , Bisley frames 32 H&R , 357mag ,44 mag and 45 colt What I shoot depends on how I feel that day. Smokeless or Black Powder Sometimes cap and ball You have to try every type of hand gun because what your buddy likes and swears by may not be for you. Catlow
  11. How long do you have to wash dishes and fold the laundry if you buy a pair of Colts third generation? Just asking
  12. Ok let's say there are 20 shooters and 6 shooters are driving golf carts or atv's and the stages are close together and the posse on each side of you are the same .Where in the hell. Is everyone going to park ? Caenin point Winter Range or Fire and Ice 200 plus shooters in a small space. I use a golf cart at some shoots but I made a rack that the rugged gear cart front wheel drops into . Park the golf cart then push thr gun cart into stage.
  13. Yul that would be great for ranges with smaller bays or a large posse
  14. It would be all about stopping distance
  15. Not my snakes but they do make picking brass a chalange
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