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  1. Woodfox What time is setup on Friday? Do you know what the side match is?
  2. Tall about hijacking a Cowboys thread
  3. Buy Birdshead Rugers to start with. Skip the expense and extra work changing them Some times grip frames don't match up perfectly when doing after market . The only difference that I have found between Original and New Model birdshead grip frames is new ones don't have the two small lugs . I have ground off the small lugs .the other mounting screw holes appear to be the same. Sorry no pictures available
  4. This may sound stupid but . If you can get the rust out add more rust to tint to a more even color
  5. My Question is?. Who doesn't check guns,when they are handed to them to use? First rule of safety The empty cartiges should have been found long before the loading table.
  6. Of course they would be ineligible this is just for fun ,no prize Just like Josey Wales Wild Bunch all 1911 no rifle or shotgun
  7. I like it No one is forcing anyone to shoot or dress a certain way If it can be shot safely then why knot? yes this SASS but how many catagories are there now? No one is asking for more catagories
  8. Doesn't The sign at the entrance to the park state that you are entering a petting Zoo ? Also all animals are tame and lovable? There aren't enough Rangers in the Park to keep these stupid people safe . It would have to be one person and one Ranger , even then only maybe
  9. Almost like how much Black Powder can I stuff in this cartige
  10. Always nice to hear that one again the first time I heard it was about 50 years ago
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