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  1. I like it No one is forcing anyone to shoot or dress a certain way If it can be shot safely then why knot? yes this SASS but how many catagories are there now? No one is asking for more catagories
  2. Doesn't The sign at the entrance to the park state that you are entering a petting Zoo ? Also all animals are tame and lovable? There aren't enough Rangers in the Park to keep these stupid people safe . It would have to be one person and one Ranger , even then only maybe
  3. Almost like how much Black Powder can I stuff in this cartige
  4. Always nice to hear that one again the first time I heard it was about 50 years ago
  5. Three campers ( travel trailers ) coming noon Thursday See you then CATLOW
  6. Weather report for the weekend is very encouraging only in the 80's Maybe won't need airconditioner just some sipping beverages Just starting to load the wagon
  7. So sorry to hear this news REST IN PEACE Heather
  8. Looking forward to it We have a great time last year which was our first time to the range we will be rolling in Thursday afternoon with the RV See you there. CATLOW,
  9. We the tax payers will cover the repairs I am amazed that an armored car has that kind of handling
  10. That's very funny The 24th of this month we celibate our 48th wedding anniversary It gets harder to remenber when I was single. Buy if I were single now I wouldn't remember what to do
  11. Going to miss this one my wife wants to go to a wedding so a happy wife is a wonderful thing to have.
  12. Sorry to hear of yout accident and hope your recovery goes well . I haven't rode a motorcycle in years between a fused ankle and bad shoulders . I never did this lane splitting you speak of . With the drivers on the road then and now why would you ? Even if this legal to do . The smaller vehicle always looses . Back when I was still working our Engine was called out to flush the Remains off the pavement after the mortorcycle rider and semi truck duals meet get well soon
  13. I was going to ask if these were available Father Mc Feely or Brother Ben Felt
  14. Stainless 73 with pearl forearm and stock
  15. Mother Nature has a way of taking care of things Thanks for sharing I have set off somewhere around 50 primers at once in the primer feed tube on a Dillon 650 press The lesson learned was if the press hangs up STOP. Don't use force to continue loading
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