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  1. I lied about reading it I was trying to impress some Cowboys But the pictures were really ,really good
  2. Gathering ammo now Still cleaning guns from High Noon
  3. Forget about Rye Miles Weather Goddess will not accept him as a suitable subject You need to look for a Virgin Good Luck
  4. This the first shooters book that I have read cover to cover . Dawg did a great job on it
  5. When I use Kg9 I put it on the night before use only a small drop inside the holster then let it dry overnight Then wash my hands repeatedly .
  6. Go to you commercial paint store they have paint sample cards of usually three colors that go together Buy good quality paint I choked on the price of some trim paint but you aren't buying that much trim paint I went with the best ( highest priced) paint and was glad it lasts at least 10 years out in the Phoenix Az sun My thoughts are paint it once at age seventy and you will pay some else to paint at age eighty
  7. Almost here Packing the wagon , will hitch up the team Found more ammo See ya there
  8. Sooner closer than yesterday you can almost smell the gravy and biscuits
  9. Father Mc Feely. Brother Ben Felt
  10. Body armor is a personal thing My brother's has his name on it you take it with you day to day and it is sized to fit
  11. Your name is on the first plate of biscuits n gravy
  12. Now stop that kind of talk You guys are making me hungry with this Cream of wheat and corn dodgers talk only seven days until biscuits and gravy
  13. Nice very nice ROA's. If I didn't already have six ROA's paired down from twelve last year Those lowered hammers really make them very shootable Catlow
  14. I would like these if available thanks CATLOW
  15. Sorry 357mag brass went to Too Tall Bob
  16. 357 Magnum brass mixed head stamps. Deprived and wet tumbled. Shipped in small flat rate box. Free you pay shipping $8.00 First posted I will take it. Catlow
  17. I would like both of these if still available . thanks CATLOW
  18. More pictures please thankyou
  19. Jim With my experience with the Fine Cowboys and Cowgirls at Tusco ,you would have to ride along way to find a better group to associate with. We drive from Toledo to shoot High Noon Worth every mile Looking forward to HighNoon 2017 CATLOW
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