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  1. Jim

    With my experience with the Fine Cowboys and Cowgirls at Tusco ,you would have to ride along way to find a better group to associate with.

    We drive from Toledo to shoot High Noon

    Worth every mile

    Looking forward to HighNoon 2017



  2. Those Rugers are very nice firearms. Fun to shoot bp or smokeless loads. Lots of smoke and flame like 44-40s.


    My question to self ? Do I really need 6 of them ?


    My Sheriff models Ruger stainless 3-1/2 in 45 colt cal. Make 7 stainless 45's


    I think I will give another Cowboy shooter a chance before I make an offer


    Thanks for thinking of me



  3. I hope someone buys this Ruger ,before I decide to add.it to my collection


    I can shoot Josey Wales with 4 ss 45's bird head rugers and a blued bird head 45


    Maybe have to send an offer. It looks really nice ,would fit right in


    Thanks. CATLOW

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