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  1. Reconsidered my original post for using 1911 in regular SASS match. Been shooting SASS for 22 years. What attracted me was the old west concept. Like most of us who grew up in 50s we were raised on Cowboy movies and cowboy TV. I will redouble my efforts as Scout to find new members. Probably start setting up table at local gun shows to show off our guns and video of matches. I also shoot 3 to 4 pistol and 3 gun matches per month at local gun club. I had Parson and couple others put on SASS exhibition at steel match couple months back. These matches average 40 to 60 shooters every weekend. Only had one couple come to our match. We let them shoot our guns but they also shooting 3 to 4 matches a month at local club. Got another one coming next week. He just bought a new Ruger Blackhawk in 38 and 9mm. Lowering our standards is not a good idea. I shoot 1860 Army, hammer coach shotgun, and 66 Winchester. All black. I would have never approved smokeless powder in cowboy match. I was lucky to meet Roy and Dale as a kid. Dale, Francis Smith, was my grandfathers 1st cousin. Her dad was was from Centerville, MS. He lived with my grandparents during depression.
  2. Parson is in private room. I visited him at lunch today. Not sure he knew who I was. Had him up and walking and he was feeding himself. This is amazing after 8 1/2 brain surgery 3 days ago. Be in hospital another week then 2 weeks rehab. Got 6 weeks radiation and 6 months chemo to go. We still need to remember him in our prayers. Thankfully he has caring family members that will help him through the recovery. Parson is out match director and he will be missed during his recovery. I am sure he will be surprised to learn how many of his cowboy buddies have been keeping up with his condition.
  3. Any clubs letting shooters use one 1911 instead of 2 single actions and otherwise shoot stage same as other shooters. 1911 unloaded and holstered with no mag. Load mag from person at buzzer and shoot 5. Reload and shoot five. Re holster. Shoot other guns according to stage script. This will maybe attract new shooters who already has 1911 and cannot afford 2 pistols, rifle, and shotgun. Hopefully convert them to single actions later. Purpose is to attract new shooters. SASS and or Wild Bunch dress code. Create a class for them for scoring. They will be slower as drawing, loading, and racking takes time. Most SA shooter be finished with 1st gun before 1911 gets off 1st shot. Our club members are aging. Many have body part replacement, migrated to other type shooting, or just quit competing. Just looking for ways to attract new shooters. See any problems with this.
  4. Went by University Med Center this morning. Parson was sleeping. Moved to private room. 8 1/2 hours in brain surgery. Doc thinks he got most of tumor. Going in he thought only able to get 75%. I will check on him again tomorrow. Black Cat went by and spent time with family today. Squinter, Harpe, and I were by night before surgery. He was able to talk to us about SASS. He was a little confused on what was wrong. He thought he ate something that gave him the tumor. Dead Eye Doc was going by also. Parson is very strong physically and spiritually. I believe he will be back shooting soon. Dancing Rabbit Kid SASS 17718
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