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  1. I have up for sale my Winchester 1873 Saddle Ring Carbine. It is brand new in the box with all the papers, 357/38, Blued receiver and round barrel. 1299. + 40 shipping & insurance. Holds 10 + 1 cartridges. PM me for any questions or more pictures.
  2. We might be able to work a deal. Can you send pictures to my email? t.schultz5@roadrunner.com Terry
  3. It normaly holds 10 but if you are strong you can put 11 in the magazine, I only loaded 11 once just to see.
  4. July They are the 3 click type. I used them for two seasons and never had any problems with the guns going off. I am only selling them because I moved to 357 and don't want to load for 2 differant calibers. I am afrade I don't know what a safety block is. Terry
  5. I am changing to 357 from 44-40 and would be willing to trade this 44-40 for one in 357.
  6. Up for sale is my main match rifle. It is in 44-40 with a 19” round barrel. The blueing on the receiver and barrel is 95%, I always took good care of my guns. It has been Taylor Tuned with a mild short stroked job. Has an Elk hide butt cover and lever wrap along with a larger front sight with brass bead. It has the usually small dings from the gun cart but is in overall great shape and very accurate. $1299 shipped to your FFL in the 48. t.schultz5@roadrunner.com Terry
  7. Up for sale is my backup gun in 44-40. This gun is unmolested other than it was Taylor Tuned before I received it and was rarely used as my main match guns never gave me any trouble. Comes with original box and papers. I have had it for about two seasons I am changing to 357 and don’t need it anymore. Case colored frame with blued cylinder, barrel and backstrap. $499 shipped to your FFL in the 48. Postal money order preferred. t.schultz5@roadrunner.com Terry
  8. Up for sale are my two main match guns in 44-40. I used them for about two seasons and they always worked flawlessly. They have the larger army grips on them, they are very accurate and are Taylor tuned for smoothness. Comes with original box and papers. I am changing to 357 and don’t need them anymore. $1099 shipped to your FFL in the 48. Postal money order preferred. t.schultz5@roadrunner.com Terry
  9. SOLD I have a Uberti 1873 rifle for sale. It has a blued receiver, but stock cover, lever wrap and the larger front sight with a brass bead. The barrel is 19” and has an adjustable rear sight. It is in 44-40 and was my backup gun so it didn’t get used much. Blueing is 100% but does have some minor handling marks on the wood. It is not short stroked but it has had some of the internal parts polished. $1200. Shipped to the 48. or trade for one in 357 t.schultz5@roadrunner.com
  10. You can send payment to my paypal account. the account name is the same as my email address. t.schultz5@roadrunner.com Terry
  11. Yes, I have plenty of them. How many do you want? You can contact me directly at t.schultz5@roadrunner.com Terry
  12. Up for sale is a nice Cowboy Masonic Lapel pin. The pin is 1 inch across is gold and blue and says COWBOY across the top and SHOOTISTS across the bottom. It also sports the Masonic Square and Compasses in the center of the star. If you are both a Mason and a Cowboy shooter you should have at least one of these. This would make a great pin to wear on your cowboy vest or on your sports coat that you wear to Lodge, or both. I am offering free shipping by first class mail to the US. Paypal is the best way to pay and I will ship it the next business day after I get your order, so you will get your pin fast. I have a bunch so you can order as many as you want. They are $10 each. My paypal account is t.schultz5@roadrunner.com Or you can send me a Money Order to: Terry Schultz 258 Zimmerman St. N. Tonawanda, NY 14120-4509
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