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  1. Read the description please people! The title clearly stated “bullets” from the get go. Nothing at all about a mold. In the description it clearly states 165 bullets. The photo is a sample. I guess I could have said that in the description but if you didn’t read it to get the quantity you would not have seen that either. I know this is not SASS related stuff but other folks are selling non-SASS stuff here. I thought it was ok. I don’t know how I can make it any easier to understand.
  2. Non-SASS bullets. These work well in AK47 type firearms. Cleaning up the shop and thought somebody might want to make up some plinking ammo. 165 hard cast, lubed, gas checked, sized to .314". I have shot a lot of these and have had zero issues with them. Mold says 155 grain but they are closer to 160 grain. Target is 8" diameter shot at 50 yards offhand. That is about 1 3/4" group. Not bad for my Serbian made firearm.....or my old eyes. $20 plus $8.30 USPS flat rate priority mail. PayPal f&f or check/m.o. Thanks for looking, Ace Holliday SASS 99975
  3. Sold Pending Funds I need to figure out how to edit the title of the listing. First timer here.
  4. Like new Lee #90569 three die set for 38 S&W (Not 38 Special). I think I made 50 rounds of ammunition with these. Includes dies, shell holder, powder dipper, load data insert, original box. $30 plus $8.30 USPS small flat rate box. PayPal Friends and Family, check, Postal money order. Ace Holliday SASS #99975
  5. If Yul can't help you out I have about 35 once fired AA 28 gauge hulls for you.
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