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  1. Hey Deuce, Are they selling them? I sure would like to give one try. Totes
  2. Any one making a straight trigger yet for the new Winchester (Miroku) 73 rifles? I have yet to see one, but hoping maybe someone had them on their radar. Totes
  3. I've noticed some shooters that just shorten their alias. Similar to a nickname of your nickname, which makes sense. Not sure how some of you get your full alias to fit on a badge at an annual match. Totes <----- probably a candidate to shorten my alias.
  4. I have an Uberti ‘73 in .22. It’s heavy, but I love it. It’s a tack driver for sure. Totes
  5. I got lucky and won a 750 at an annual match. I have both 650 and 750 setup on my bench. One is now large primer and the other small primer. I do like the primer setup on the 750 as I don’t have primers all over the bench/floor. Not sure I would pay for a 750 just to replace a 650. If I didn’t have a press yet, I would get the 750. Totes
  6. Thanks Sue! We’ll check into that as a backup plan. Totes
  7. Got our confirmation today. We mailed on Monday. Holiday probably slowed it down. Looks like the RV spots filled up as we got the waiting list. Anyone know the likelihood of getting a spot from the waiting list? Totes
  8. I had a set of Jimmy Spurs Rugers NMVs that were 3.5” barrels. I sent to Snake Oil George for a set of 5.5” octagon barrels. So much better and the added weight and full brass front sites are helpful. Totes
  9. Rugged Gear now has the Plastic Wheel upgrade. Much better design. I ordered a set and replaced the metal spoke wheels for the same reason you describe.
  10. This is what I use as well. Totes
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