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  1. be careful with that shotgun ur looking at

  2. BALONY this ploy into create panic,rush out and buy-the outfit named does not have the power to make a 'BAN'
  3. One rainy day I got thrown out,"go buy a gun get out" This UBERTI 38/55 called to me thrice, was pretty, no one wanted to look when I got home, got inexpensive sights,got brass,bore dimensions, bullets, loaded poor accuracy, the bullets were too small.sights didn't hold still. got larger bullets, smokeless powder, better sights weren't many available all very expensive, got better bullets finally bought MVA sights were more expensive than the rifle finally broke 2 inches, sights were great, WORTH THE MONEY. Finally got a bullet maker, yes i can make almost a .380 sized bullet, if its better, I will get a mold, didn't make .380 but I had 3/4" all the time at 100, at .380 sized my UBERTI SHOT 1" AT 240 YARDS, SO DID MANY SASS MEMBERS WHO HAD A UBERTI 38/55. Wasn't strong enough at 500 for SILHOUETTE. Tried out a 45/110, didn't need,I was thin built, was so accurate, he used black powder, a SHARPS RIFLE, hurt too much, tried out a 40/65 not strong enough, a 45/90, was strong but tried a 40/70 Sharps, nice great accuracy,MVA SIGHTS, could alter chamber to 40/90 and so it went. Try all at events, everyone wants you to try their rifle.
  5. WIDDER BUNCH' O NUTS AT 10 MM FORUM- have fun Lee
  6. When I see a cartridge with a red bullet, looks more like a girls lipstick tube. I believe this has been done years back. It is more colorful, doesn't match my colors I hope it remains a good thing, if it was a bit greenish
  7. 50 years ago I saw a yellow jacket, slightly larger, had a video camera could fire one round. Was being shown infantry of the future clearing a building without going inside. Larger ones with bombs with caveat this is old stuff.
  8. ALL OF YOU- did u catch it? what you dont know you make up.
  9. With due respect to all, why not call a expert on it if its a original. I have 2 97's almost new when I got them in the early 90's, a take down and a 20" solid, have no thread wear. Too many out there take them apart and miss and force the last thread, no reason. Lee
  10. Thats right, hard chromed finish, gun powder slides right off, 20" oct barrel, 38/40, only slight area is left side of rear stock is a bit dull from placing on stages, marble tang sight,SS springs, carrier is brass, every option, this rifle can and has broke 3 seconds in 10 shot stages at nationals and local shoots, have extra ultra light hammer spring, various parts, 3rd stage C&I short stroke, leather on lever,etc. Has been sitting for many years unused, was soaking,,used 3 seasons only as I acquired a Winchester 92 original 38/40, changed a Miroko 92 from 44 mag blue to 38/40 hard chrome, light as a feather, AWA Lightining 20" hard chrome, my cup runneth over! Only 73 is for sale $1200 +ship any way you want in CONUS EMAIL ONLY sliclee@bellsouth.net
  11. If you have decided what caliber your main match pistols will be would make sense to make derringer that caliber also. However, if you want,need, another hide away pistol to grab and shove in your pocket a derringer is the one. You've heard BOND is the only one, as far as accuracy, the length of the barrel. I speak from experience of carry gun barrel length, minimum and max length to hit at X feet, BOND AGAIN if you use the right diameter bullet. When it first came out, I felt it in my chest at the indoor range knew it was a magnum load, didn't see the gun in his hand being a nosy critter I stood and looked, he said come over look closer, a 38/357 shiny stainless 2 barrels, 3 inch, others I saw so far none shot decent at 20 feet, this was different, he had a box of Federal 357 mag,125 grain @ 1425. I laughed at him, he brought the target in, keep laughing fool. He emptied, dropped the gun here shut your mouth load fire, sent out target whoo so far almost 15 yds. Put top flat with tip, hits. Fired, 1425 wow 9 ring next 10 ring. Was sold. Had home carried 357 sp101 3 inch, derringer was 3",shot the same with win 110 mag made up 50 38 sp cases for cowboy, light loads to go thru paper plates, first CA shoot took it showed it let others I knew shoot it, Meister sent me 10 in .358 was same as Federal Winny, pointy,lead very shiny,130 grain, looked like Lone Rangers bullets, very accurate, bought 500. Called Bond for another barrel to match 44 mag, main match gun size, wanted a tight barrel, cost me a bit more. Fired Win STip 175 grain,wow was just as accurate had to hold on tight, Looking down those 2 holes from the front looking down those 2 big holes are awesome.
  12. never seen a flatbush in my life, where do they grow, Lee

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