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  1. Thanksl Crosscut and it was good talking to you too !! Look foward to maybe getting to shoot with you sometime this year !!
  2. I will be at landrun and you can take a look at them look forward to seeing you there !!
  3. Well send me the dash out of your '63 Impala SS and we would be happy to jewel if for you !!
  4. Thanks every one for the feed back !! we were just wondering what everyone thought of them maybe for some future projects
  5. Ok for whatever reason I cant figure this out I'm going to post a link to our Facebook page and see if that works. sorry guys I'm not super smart about posting pictures on the wire https://www.facebook.com/thegunshopoklahoma/
  6. As I can not figure out how to post a picture to the wire I attached a link to my imgur profile with a picture of one of the Ruger Old Army revolvers that Snake Oil George just finished. I wanted to post this to get some thoughts on it and see what you guys/gals think of them ? I personally love the look of them !! http://stockstillbrad1326.imgur.com/all/
  7. Myself and snake oil George can get that done for you !! We can also do pistol barrels whether octagon or whatever you want ! We even have made a stainless barrel for a 1873 we can pretty much take care of whatever you need.
  8. I would love to shoot w3g but here in the mid west we don't have any ranges that I know of that has the set up or are currently shooting w3g anybody know of any ranges close to Oklahoma that shoots it ?
  9. I have one .357 1873 with a pistol grip stock but I have a 18" full octagon on this one which is my main match rifle , but I also have another 1873 with a pistol grip stock but the barrell on it is 18" but it is 1/2 round , 1/2 octagon and I have shot both at big matches and cant tell a difference both rifles have a weight reduction to them as well though but I like shooting a little lighter rifle to each their own though.
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