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  1. Interesting. I will try to find a set of those as well and see which ones work better for me.
  2. That would be great. Let me know if the other set is stainless. If not then blued is fine.
  3. What is the advantage to using OMV hammers vs NMV hammers? How difficult is it to swap?
  4. You have a pair of stainless ones you want to sell?
  5. Thanks! That's what I needed to know. I'll start looking for standard stainless hammers.
  6. If those are more upright then yes. are the super blackhawk hammers more upright than standard NMV hammers?
  7. Just reread the post. Hammer springs are probably not the issue.
  8. If it had the hammer springs replaced, they could be too light (when a barrel wont fire). If they are firing when you don't want them to after the hammers are set, then the sears are worn or not engaging. Could be "gunked" up inside causing the hammer sears to be slipped past.
  9. I'm sure this has been discussed 2,458 times already, but when I tried searching for posts on the subject all I got was 8,000,000 things to search through. I have a pair of SASS New Vaqueros in .357 that I want to switch out the hammers on. I want something that is as close to drop in as is possible. What are my options? I want something more upright and more narrow. In stainless preferably.
  10. How do we message now? Can't find a link to my messages There are two ways to do this. 1. There is an envelope at the top of the pages, you can click on that to either read/reply to messages from others or Compose New. 2. Click on the person's name in a post. In the window that appears, click the Message button.
  11. Can one of you pards post instructions for building a PID Controller? I've got an old Lyman MM I'd like to get running.
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