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  1. Lile the title say, my 9 year old Granddaughter will be shooting a Browning BL-22 and I need a short stock, If anyone has one available. Thanks Smokewagon Grampies Chris
  2. I will take it. Smokewagon Grampies
  3. To small, thanks anyway.
  4. What size are they? I think i would like the light colored ones if they will fit? Smokewagon Grampies
  5. I have a new unshot g34 gen 4 forsale. They cleaned up the trigger with springs and 3lb connector. Email me if interested. Smokewagon Grampies
  6. I'm always late to the party, if the Kid falls through message me. Smokewagon Grampies
  7. If he does not take them I will take them. Smokewagon Grampies.
  8. I don't understand, why is the a SCAM? Smokewagon Grampies
  9. I have a C Sharps 1875 45-70 26" barrel for sale, it has the extend range rear site, it also has the fancy ladder rear site, I have three additional rear peep sight screw ins. I bought the gun from a widow sale, I was told it was not shot. I have had it out one time to a side match but don't shoot it. The paper work says it was made July 1988. I have alot of pictures but I can't load them due to size. Asking $1700. Thanks Smokewagon Grampies. 702-677-0414 I also have some brass, bullets, cartridges, and reloading dies.
  10. I think that would best best case for me, I reload 12ga and couldake her some real mouse farts. Thanks for Sharing. Chris
  11. It says you cant receive messages. Where are you located?
  12. Thanks to everyone for your commits, I reload 12ga and could make real light 12ga. I guess I need to look for a single or double 12 ga. I guess 20ga or 410 would work also. If any one has one cheap let me know. I think cheap so I can cut the stock then add it back a little at a time. Thanks Smokewagon Grampies
  13. I am starting my Granddaughter in cowboy, I have leather, pistols and a rifle but I need a shotgun, any suggestions? What do you have?
  14. If the bullet tray and roller handle is available how much for shipping to 89052 Thanks Smokewagon Grampies
  15. Im interest can you verify the total length from the buckle to the center hole? Thanks
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