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  1. The 24th annual Wolverine Rangers Range War, the SASS Michigan State Championship will be held September 2-4, 2022.  

    Info and registration forms can be found at www.wolverinerangers.org


    Register by July 15th to receive a free t-shirt or shooters towel.   Registration can be online or by mail in form.  

    Vendor registration forms are also posted.  



  2. I have a pair of these grips that are not for any Ruger Vaqueros, Blackhawks, single sixes, etc…


    I am looking for help determining what they are for.  

    They look like Eagle Gunfighter grips but the markings don’t make any sense to me.  Markings are shown in the pictures.  

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.  



    Sinola Kid




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