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  1. Now that would probably really hurt if I thought ever had enough cash to pay for it. Oh, heck, it hurts anyway knowing that I didn't at least get a chance to first to walk sadly out of the store without it knowing I couldn't afford it. But now I have to ask: Who was hiding such a pretty thing on their shelf around here? (Or is there a secret gun shop near me that I don't know about?) Angus p.s. I'll try to remember to bring some extra .44 WCF with me to matches in case you bring her. I'll even bring some of that smokeless stuff in case that's what she likes.
  2. Darn, wish I'd seen this before I posted in the thread on the "regular" Wire. Now I feel foolish. Angus
  3. Sorry to have to tell you, but I heard he got shot four times with a .44 No Less, No More (Oh come on!! You know you were ALL thinking it.) Angus
  4. Oh, man! You're killing me! Hiding that pretty lady in a steel box is just a crime. I'd be happy to give her a good home and take her out for a good time every now and then. I'd even let you watch me shoot her. With Black Powder, of course. I've even got a nice '73 in .44-40 she could snuggle with while in the safe. Your pard, Angus
  5. Interesting. Of all the stuff I've found I'm surprised my dad didn't keep his dog tags. I have my grandfather's Army tags from WWI but I've never even seen US Navy dog tags from WWII, much less my dad's. Thanks, Angus
  6. My dad was in the WWII Navy and recently, my son was asking if I had his dog tags. I have a fair amount of stuff from my dad's navy days but I don't recall ever seeing any dog tags. My question is: Does, or did, the US Navy ever use dog tags? If not, what was the navy equivalent in WWII? BTW, a couple of the things I have from my dad are a subpoena from Posieden(sp?) and a HUGE certificate for the order of the shellbacks or lobsterbacks or some-such signed by Davy Jones and Poseiden for crossing the equator. Does the navy still do that? Angus
  7. As a kid we went Christmas caroling on Christmas eve. Christmas morning was breakfast (coffee cakes, gooey butter cake and grapefruit) and stockings with the grandparents at our house. About noon we headed over to the grandparents' (The three living were in the same house - unusual, I know) for more stockings and presents, lunch and football. Granddad loved football. A late afternoon snack (we were too full to eat a real supper) and we kids were tuckered out and ready to head home. Now, my wife and I still carol along the same street on Christmas eve carrying on a tradition started by my parents in the '40's with the St. Louis Christmas Carols Association. The folks along the street know we're coming and many have cookies and candies to pass out to our group. When one family along the route sold their house a few years ago they told the new owners they had to stay home on Christmas eve for the carolers. One of the houses always has a party and has a traditional German Christmas tree. Real candles (fire extinguishers) and everything. Really gets Christmas started right. My grandparents and mother are long gone. We lost my dad a few months ago. My kids (the ones still in the area) occasionally join us caroling. Christmas day is everybody (weather permitting) at out house for breakfast, stockings, presents and lunch. Angus
  8. Alright, dang-it! I've been waiting and waiting and nobody has asked.. What is the recipe for those? Angus
  9. Noz, As I understand it you can still get a MO permit that will have reciprocity in SOME states. I think part of the new law also allows you to get a "lifetime" MO carry permit. IIRC the fee for the lifetime permit is $500. I don't believe "Constitutional" carry has any reciprocity. However, that raises other questions I do not know the answer for: Does Constitutional carry allow someone from another state to carry in MO without a permit? Does any state with Constitutional carry allow an out of stater to carry without a permit? Does one state with Constitutional carry allow a person from another state with Constitutional carry to carry concealed without a permit? My guess is no to all of the above, but I don't KNOW. Angus
  10. I used to DVR darts when it was shown around midnight on one of the sports channels a couple years ago. Watching someone throw a perfect game is pretty impressive on the rare occasions it occurs. The first time I watched darts on tv I was a little dubious about it being a spectator sport. The commentators make all the difference. I don't recall seeing this Van Gerwen guy, but I do recall Phil Taylor and some other big heavyset English bloke that was the big darts hot-shot at the time. I played on a league many, many moons ago. I set up a dart board in my basement when we last moved. Haven't played in a bar since the move and haven't thrown a dart anywhere for close to 20 years. As a kid, playing darts consisted of standing on one side of a basement or garage and flinging darts at a board on the opposite wall. Lots of little holes in walls. Not so many in the dart board. The first time I threw regulation darts I thought "Wow. It's so close. This has got to be easy." Ha. I guess that's what folks think the first time they shoot CAS, too. If they show it on a channel I get I'll surely watch it. BTW, I never did figure out that song the crowd sings during breaks and at the end of the show. I'm not sure if it's a darts thing or just a European sports thing. Angus
  11. Man, what a ride! The Great MO Boat ride was a blast. I had the pleasure of shooting it a couple times and never could load and shoot fast enough to hit them all. I seem to recall you had two shooters at a time on the ride. From the bank it looked like the boat was crawling along. From the boat trying to shoot the targets you'd swear you were pulling skiers behind. One of my favorite memories of the "ride" was watching two Black Powder shooter's tooling along the far side of the large farm pond/ small lake shooting the targets. The wind, well, light breeze, was blowing the same direction and speed the boat was going so after the first flurry of shots there was just a growing cloud of smoke moving along the far bank. FWIW it was a just-for-fun side match. No score was kept. Maybe bragging rights if you could lie well enough to convince anyone you actually hit all the targets. Good times. Angus
  12. Well, I could use a holster for a Colt's Dragoon. I could also use a hand and spring for a Pietta '58 Remington. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Angus
  13. Well, Bad Hand, I guess there's our answer. If he didn't have a pretty gun we'd probably never have heard of him. Angus
  14. Heck, I'll give it a start. The hand spring on my Pietta '58 Army broke so I could use a new hand w/spring. I would say I just need the spring, but I don't think you can replace just the spring. It's just been hanging on the wall for the last couple years and I wouldn't mind getting it up and running again for a match or two. Angus
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